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    Replacing an old Hayward Super II, any recommendations?

    Good day all. My current pump isn't likely to last much longer, it's gotten a bit noisier and is reluctant to start at times. It's an old 2 HP Hayward Super II that AFAIK, is original to when the pool was built in 1993. With the age of the pump, I am hesitant to sink money into rebuilding the...
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    Pool Store Antics.......wanted to share with you guys

    Alternatively, you can use regular nylon knee high stockings as well.
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    Can any of you fine folk who recommended I purchase an Echo srm 225 help me?

    What head came with your SRM-225? I imagine it was a bump type head that came with it base on what I saw at my local Echo dealer.
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    Who is this and why do his frinds like my pool?

    I've seen a few of those in out pool and skimmer this year. Mean looking pinchers.
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    Neighbor Issues

    Might be time to upgrade the fence too.
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    Leaving filter off for the day - Will this cause issues?

    You can still move the water around manually too. Brushing, boat paddle, etc.
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    Pools are gross

    While neglected pools can be gross, these pools are downright disgusting :shock: : Chinese Swimming Pools, the Most Crowded (and Dirtiest) in the World | Amusing Planet
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    Digital tester?

    There are some testers out there that can test specific things, like pH, but not an all in one tester. Not to mention they can be expensive, and need periodic calibration. Using a test kit, like a TF-100 or a K-2006, is far more accurate and cost effective.
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    Help, My husband had poured cooking oil in a bleach bottle, I dumped at least 2 cups

    First off, please don't rely on advice from pool stores. Some pool stores care and give decent advice, most do not. Clarifier will not do much for oil, and it's an unneeded chemical for TFP methods. Plus it can have other weird effects on your water, depending on your chemistry. You can get...
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    Is It Just Me, Or Can You Simply Eyeball FC After a While

    By eyeball I can tell if there have been a lot of people in the pool since the water will be slightly cloudy. By smell, I can't really smell it unless my nose is right near the water, and only then I might catch a slight whiff of chlorine. Getting to know my chemistry, now that makes it easy...
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    Storing acid

    Yep, splashless is no good for our pools. Foams up good in a HE washing machine too. The acid is very stable over a wide range of temperatures, you can keep that outside. I buy one gallon at a time and keep that in a white 5 gallon bucket with a lid, which fits fairly tightly. The lid keeps...
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    Rain filled pool

    I've had to pump mine down twice in the last month due to rain. No runoff can get into the pool thankfully, so just clean rainwater. Though I do need to bring my CH and CYA levels back up to normal, but I may have to hold off since there's more rain in the forecast for the weekend.
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    Measure and pour chlorine

    I bought a 2 quart Rubbermaid drink bottle for our pool, works out perfectly. 1 ppm of Cl = 20 oz of 12.5% liquid chlorine for my pool, so I have the jug marked off at 20 oz, 40, oz, and 2 quart (64 oz).
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    new Pump VS or single ?

    The 2 speed is more robust by way of its design, being electromechanical, and is easily controlled with a mechanical or digital timer. This design is more tolerant (but not invincible) of dirty power, spikes, and surges. And they get along well with GFCI breakers (2014 National Electric Code...
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    Professional skimmer line un-clogging cost?

    If you have PVC pipe above ground going into the pump, then you also have PVC underground. I've never heard of anyone building a pool with anything other than PVC in recent years (flex pipe to connect a pump not withstanding). Just want to re-emphasize to not use a pressure type un-clogger...