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    Winterizing Floor Returns - Air From 2 Out of 6 - Help Please!

    It’s not a floor cleaning system, just returns. They don’t have any mechanism to “pop up”. I asked my PB, they said it is “ probably fine” as long as the 3 ft off line from the filter to to underground are blown out.
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    Chlorine Level with Autocover

    We're in Ohio - we don't use the autocover as a winter cover - we keep the cover in the open position and use a solid winter cover. Not sure what is best - wear and tear on the autocover from snow/ice/winter elements versus the cost of the winter cover/taps etc.
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    Winterizing Floor Returns - Air From 2 Out of 6 - Help Please!

    Hi I have 6 floor returns, all on 1 valve. I am using a large stand up compressor directly into a tapped 1/4" fitting on the return side. I let the compressor completely fill the tank, then let it blow out the line with all other return lines closed. I am seeing a good amount of air bubbles...
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    Attention Landscapers/Auto Cover Experts... help needed

    I have a cover pools T4. They installed the aforementioned tray over the motor box on the one end and it does exactly what you are looking for- gives support for whatever material is going to sit on top.
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    Plaster imperfections

    I feel like I have been seeing a lot of issues with quartz plaster…including my own.
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    Muriatic acid prices

    Menaurds - $4 a gallon for 31%
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    Pentair Intellipro VSR

    Thank you i have program 4 set to schedule, 30gpm, start 8am end at 7:59am then I have program 3 scheduled, 100gpm, 3am start 5am finish. it is 6:45pm right now and I have it on program 4. It will automatically change to program 3 at 3am?
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    Pentair Intellipro VSR

    I’ve read this but it still isn’t entirely clear…do I set 2 different schedules?
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    Pentair Intellipro VSR

    How do I program that? Right now I have a schedule from 7:59 to 8:00 at one speed…how to I add another speed?
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    Pentair Intellipro VSR

    I follow the TFP CYA/FC chart pretty religiously...mostly by adding liquid chlorine every night or two to keep my FC up. However, I wouldn't mind at least a slow trickle of chlorine from the tabs. I plan on a stenner in the future and won't need the chlorinator any longer.
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    Pentair Intellipro VSR

    Hi I currently run my VSR pump continuously at 35GPM which keeps my pool nice and clean. However I have a chlorinator that does not get enough water flow when my VSR pump is running at such a low speed. I am looking to run the pump at a faster speed for maybe 1-2 hours a night to try to pick...
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    Shoddy Replaster?

    I have the same issue.