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    Cost for Lighted Sheer Descent

    I am curious about that as well. I would love to have ones that matched the lights of my microbrites.
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    My dream come true is now my nightmare

    I would just ask for them to re-grout the upper section between the tile and the coping to fill in the areas that seem missing and have holes. The holes and the missing spots (where where you can clearly see the original grout) should not be there. The hairline cracks are a tougher issue to...
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    My dream come true is now my nightmare

    I have never seen a flexible seal between the coping and the tile? I am not sure any pool in my area is built that way. There is always a flexible caulk adding between the coping and the decking material which I do see in this pool.
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    Light Location - Would you make PB change it

    I would also check how many lights you have... pentair has a formula that say 4lumens per sqft of pool area. So if you have a 500 sqft pool then you need 2000luments. Each micro brite is 500 lumens for the color ones... so only two might be a enough only for a fairly small pool. Trust me you...
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    DFW New Build 7/6/21-Swimming On 8/28

    We were in ours while it was filling... I know you're supposed to wait until its full but there was no holding back my family.
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    Stamped Deck Troubles

    I think my stamped deck looks a bit different than this but not sure you will win that battle with the builder based on the finish quality. When they did my stamped deck (same stamp pattern) they actually cut control joints into it after stamping and didn't trowel them in like this. But that...
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    DFW New Build 7/6/21-Swimming On 8/28

    Is this oklahoma chop in an ashlar pattern? Just curious what they called this.
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    Review LED lights placement

    review this great guide - Plus Pentair told me to shoot for 4 lumens per sq ft. So if your pool's surface area is 500sqft then you need 2000 lumens of light. The pentair color microbrites are 500lumens. Don't know about...
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    Retractable, Removable Pool Equipment Cover / Sun Shade / Protection

    Even through the shade material?
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    what adhesive product is recommended to repair lose flag stone.

    Pretty sure you want to use some sort of type s mortar to do that.
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    How long is it really taking?

    Any idea of the percentage savings you had doing o/b? Do you have a thread?
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    How long is it really taking?

    Ha ha - I will play... my build doesn't seem as long as some that are going now. Plus I got to skip the whole equipment problem caused by the Texas Freeze of `21. Signed Contract 01/29/2020 Pool Filled ~ 08/06/2020 Original Estimate 2-3 months. Location Allen TX
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    New Build - Question on pool wall construction

    Unless you contract called out a double-side faced/finished wall on that edge, that's typically how that would get finished. I saw the same thing and worse on my build on the back side raise beam of the pool.
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    New pool finish with pebble tech blue surf

    Wow - love the lighting. Are the sheers lighted? If so what kind are they? Do they sync with the pool lights?
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    About to Pull The Trigger on Major Pool Refurb

    Look into a salt finish concrete... I think it looks good with some of the grey more modern coping color schemes.... plus shouldn't be much more than broom finish. Where are you in SE PA? I grew up in Southern Lancaster County.