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    microbrites to light pool in north texas?

    Thanks - this is exactly what I was looking for. Are these color microbrites or white? Our pool is 37x19 and a diving pool But above looks pretty good... what are the dimensions of your pool?
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    About to sign a contract (North Houston area)

    I would ask builder to see some examples of pools lighted with microbrites... perhaps add another. Also be sure that they don't face the seating areas... I have a feeling since they are only 1 1/2 inches across that they will be pretty glaring. I have three in my pool which is currently in the...
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    Buried Pool renovation

    Interesting stuff to watch. Looks like the bond beam was demo'd in some of these last few pics... I would't be surprise to see some large holes in the bottom. But good luck to you!
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    Pentair IntelliBrite vs GloBrite vs MicroBrite

    How difficult is it to swap out the 1 1/2 lights yourself? I have serviced my old pool's halogen light bulb many times and it was fairly simple. I have never pulled a new fixture in but even that sounds/looks pretty simple as long as conduit run is in good shape. But are the 1 1/2 inch...
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    microbrites to light pool in north texas?

    Anyone have microbrites in their pool in the north texas area? I have three in my main pool shell now (620sqft) and was wondering if it is going to be enough (gunite is shot already so adding more cost more money and worse yet time). Best way to know is to see another pool in real life...
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    Pool deck replace or refinish

    I would get some more quotes... option 1 sounds a bit high and 2 even more so... maybe not though. New concrete goes around 10-13 a sqft and cool deck likely a few more above that. Travertine price looks reasonable or about what I would expect. But only way to know is more quotes for your...
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    Pentair IntelliBrite vs GloBrite vs MicroBrite

    Found another... How Many Swimming Pool Lights Do I Need For My Pool Size? There is a table there that actually lists lumens but not for microbrite. My family has veto'd any more changes so I will have just three... I think I should have had at least 5. Wish my designer would have caught...
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    Pentair IntelliBrite vs GloBrite vs MicroBrite

    Found this great guide from Jandy... they actually have recommendations based on spacing and plaster color. Wish I would have seen it before getting three only in our pool.
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    Pentair IntelliBrite vs GloBrite vs MicroBrite

    I would go with the intellibrites ... if I could choose again but this is just opinion, not based on seeing both in action. The microbrites are really for accent lighting and or lighting areas which are tough to fit standard size light. They don't seem to be widely used to light the entirety...
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    LED Lightning review

    I tend to agree but unfortunately I have three microbrites installed already and no easy way to install the intellibrite. If I could redo this I would have done the intellibrite for at least the deep end... We will see. Do you have both in your pool?
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    Photos of our "Blue Surf"

    What kind of lights do you have?
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    LED Lightning review

    As of now my designer has assured me that 3 will be enough... says that they sometimes only do two and that they are as bright or brighter than the intellibrite. Hard to believe that but we will have to see. I am in the I have to trust him phase as any change now will slow us down and cost...
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    LED Lightning review

    I may have messed up in my build... just had electrical done and we went with 3 microbrites for a pool that is 36x18... really thinking I should have went with the intellibrite... just hoping they will be bright enough. Maybe I could have them convert a return jet to another light.... I do...
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    New Build in DFW - water question

    They will pump it out before spraying gunite... shouldn't be an issue.
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    Pentair IntelliCenter Review and Information

    How hard it is to do that? My builder has my intellicenter ordered with the i5PS only and I don't think I can get them to switch to the 8 as install is happening very soon. Just want to be sure that with the same load center and everything it won't be hard to add the i8PS with three additional...