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    Gl-235 Solar water temp sensor/Iaqualink

    Did it work? I just got the GL-235 and will be setting it up soon
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    Solar plumbing - Do I need a second path to isolate the solar?

    Finally finished plumbing this up and did go with the bypass. While not completely necessary, since our pump is only a 3/4 hp, I liked the piece of mind in case we upgraded. Next is to figure out how to add the Hayward Solar Controller into the mix.
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    Solar plumbing - Do I need a second path to isolate the solar?

    So would you recommend putting one in? Since I am still planning, I have the option to, however it would add some additional turns into my plumbing given the space I have.
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    Solar plumbing - Do I need a second path to isolate the solar?

    I am working on Plumbing my solar panels and have a question about necessity. THe majority of the diagrams I see have the 3 way valve as the only path for the water exiting the pump/filter. THe value therefore needs to be used to manage which direction the water goes. For example...
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    Drain valve keeps leaking (and no pressure on gauge)

    Your Gauge reads 0 because the needle is stuck on the other side of the post. Mine did that as well, and I do not know if there is a fix for it. Second gauge to do it on me and this one is only a year old.
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    Inground Pool Ladder Anchor replacement

    I am going to be replacing the concrete around my pool soon, and will need to replace the anchors for the ladder and hand rail. I have measured the sizes, and I have fairly standard 1.9" tubes, and 20" spacing on the ladder and 8" spacing on the hand rail (I believe there are S.R. Smith like the...
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    Automating Pump & Solar using Arduino for under 40 bucks

    Great project and something i have been considering, since we have few sunny days at the beginning and end of the season that I would like to maximize. Is the new PCB you created available, or do you have a template and instructions on how to get one printed?
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    DIY Solar Cover Tow Harness

    This is a great idea. I was trying to figure out how I was going to do this with my new cover, since I kept ripping the end of my old cover where the rope was attached.