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    AGP left uncovered for winter

    I've often wondered if I could leave it uncovered... Outside of snow adding to the water line? The cover is a PITA. I have no trees to worry about.
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    Is it just a waiting game at this point or should I be looking for other problems?

    Mine looked like that last year. Had holes in cover it looked like a swap. I have a DE filter and I needed to open that and clean my fingers about 4 times they were getting clogged up from the gunk. That and follow the SLAM PROCESS in here. Make sure you get a good test kit. It took me...
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    Heat wave

    Yeah we're in the mid 80's in Pittsburgh. I'm hoping to close in the next week or 2. Still trying to find a good quality winter cover. I feel like I end up buying a new one every year...ugh
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    Do chlorine pucks go bad over time?

    I have a large bucket that is several years old. I have been using them since we were away a few times over the weekends and my CYA was low. They've been doing fine. I'll probably just continue until I close this season...
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    Add chlorine directly to pool or through the skimmer?

    I pour mine in the pool at the return jet. I doubt that causes your loss though?
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    Pump mount screws, or not??

    Mine is not bolted.
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    Chlorine level?

    Looks like 8.7-13.6
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    cop out to use Trichlor tabs in a short season pool?

    I'm noticing that they do not dissolve that quickly...hmmm
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    cop out to use Trichlor tabs in a short season pool?

    My guess is no. I'm actually using them now since I've been gong away on weekends. My CYA is low and I need to raise it. I'll see how long this takes...
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    Just tested for the first time with the TF-100...CYA is HIGH

    Richard is spot on, vacuum to waste is how I'd get rid of water quickly. Have fun, it'll go fast.
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    TF-100 test kit on amazon and ebay

    I just bought a Taylor kit on Amazon. Would have bought the TF-100 if it were available...
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    Is this the right test kit i should get?

    I had the TF100 but just ordered the Taylor one because it was on Amazon...
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    Overnight FC Loss

    I'm in the same boat as you!
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    OCLT time?

    I assumed it was after the sun went down and before it hit the pool again. Overnight Chlorine Loss Test.
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    Cartridge or DE?

    I've been dealing with that off and on last year with my DE...