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    Air pillow for 27’ round above ground pool

    Getting ready to close my pool soon, how big of air pillow and how many for my 27’ above ground pool?
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    rained last night

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    rained last night

    yeah, i know my cya level is a little low but closing my pool with in a month. so was told to just go with that cya level for now and then get it to right level at start up next season. we just got it set up and just want to maintain it until we close it so i don't have a green pool in the...
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    rained last night

    yesterday my chlorine level was pretty decent, i have a 3" chlorine puck in my skimmer and we got rain overnight and tested my chlorine level today and i have none! should i go ahead and add some liquid chlorine?
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    Winter cover for high winds!

    Looking to get a above ground pool winter cover that will hold in strong winds. we live on a hill and snow drifts pretty bad up here cuz of the winds. Looking for recommendations for a winter cover that will hold up. Also what size pillow do i use for a 27x54 above ground pool.
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    Filter leaking

    Brand new set up having an issue with some dripping from the out side of the hose where it connects to the pool, also dripping on the bottom of the filter where there is a screw type plug looks like its used to possible drain the tank? Everything says not to over tighten so what are some steps...
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    New above ground pool and just learning about balancing chemicals!

    Recently installed 27 x 54 round above ground pool. Even though I will be closing soon trying to do my best to prevent fighting a green pool in the spring!