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    Water fill up question

    Call and ask,.. I filled my 32’X16’X54” for about $40 with city water, much cheaper than paying to haul water in.
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    New above ground pool question

    Welcome!! The corners are designed to “float”. I installed a 32X16X54” this summer, it does the same thing. It allows for the sides to rock a bit when there is a lot of splashing in the pool! Good luck and enjoy!
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    FINALLY!! All the hard work, crying, and cussing paid off!! *pics!*

    Congratulations! Looks great,.. enjoy!
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    Well Crud

    Second install complete!! No broken pavers, level and my stairs are now in,.....just waiting for CYA to arrive tomorrow! Thanks for your help everyone!
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    Installation- Intex Above Ground

    Hi Sarah,..You have come to the right place,. These folks are awesome! I just recently installed my Intex 32X16X52 pool. First of all make sure your ground is level. It Must be level. Make sure each paver is level. The foam board that you were using is what I used. I used gorilla tape to tape...
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    Well Crud

    This is a before pic,.. it was the last leg on the left that buckled
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    Well Crud

    It was actually about 1/4-1/2 inch lower!! Had three small children in the pool all day, lots of splashing, then noticed this after they were gone. Intex is sending me two new legs as I’m still in the 90 day warranty period. Ugghhhh,.. I have to start all over with salt, borax etc😢 I’m assuming...
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    Well Crud

    So much for having crystal clear water!😩😩
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    Just wanted to say thanks!

    Become a supporter! Throw some money their way! I’m certain this site has saved me way more money than I have contributed!!
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    Thank you TFP! Just got the best compliment!

    So,.. I started my research 2 years before I finally purchased a pool. Of course my research sent me here. I’ve followed your advice, my pool contains, salt, CYA, Borax 50ppm, and enough Bleach to get me started. I added Muriatic acid when loading the Borax. Nothing else, and I’ve never, ever...
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    BTB due and mannitol for Borate testing

    Thank you!! I’m hoping to love the feel and to get longer life from my SWG! My pH hasn’t raised past 7.5 since adding the Borax and MA,.. before it would raise to 7.8-8.2 almost every day.
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    BTB due and mannitol for Borate testing Hmmm,... after reading this, I thought I had the perfect set up for borates. I’m hoping to extend the life of my SWG, and enjoy the feel of the water. What am I missing? At any rate, it’s too late , the Borates are in the pool!
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    BTB due and mannitol for Borate testing

    I’ve seen it mentioned that I can use BTB dye and mannitol powder to test for borates. How is this used?
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    HDX test kit

    Thank you, yes I did miss read Borate for Bromine. So I still don’t have a Borate test strip. I have ordered the Lamont test strips. I was hoping that I had more color options to choose from, and that it might be easier to read. But you are correct it is not any easier to read. So, now I have...