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    Wireless Controller

    Am I able to add wireless connection to my equipment? I want to be able to turn on/off pool pump and heat pump from my phone or remote control. I can snap more pictures if needed. Thx
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    Fertilizer stain

    I made an oopsie yesterday with lawn fertilizer n have stains from iron. I read this post but can’t get a visual in my head. Is there a how-to video or pictures on vitamin C method? Thx
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    Calcium target

    Sounds good. I’ll be sending back the bag of Calcium. Thanks for the help. Love this forum
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    Calcium target

    I just noticed the CH recommended levels here on TFP changed recently. With the delta between low/high of 450, I'm not too sure what my target should be. Should I pick any number between 250-650? Like the mid range ok? My test results as of 5 minutes ago: FC 4 pH 8.0+ TA 120 CH 230 CYA 40 My...
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    Best place to purchase Muriatic Acid

    Does ma loses potency like chlorine over time?
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    Frog in pool

    Sorry if this was asked previously. Is it normal to see a frog swimming in your pool?
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    Green water

    Whoadog, how's it going so far? Any improvements yet?
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    Chlorine tablet fumes

    I just took a load up my nose right after I opened up the bucket of tablets. Just curious if that could cause serious health injuries?
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    What's this white stuff on my water tile?

    Not much information on it. I guess it's harmless huh
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    What's this white stuff on my water tile?

    Saw and captured pics of this yesterday. I don't know what it is but like to know how and why. Is it from the salt from my water softener that's connected to my autofill?
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    Quick question, if you were me and about to be away for one week, would you adjust FC to SLAM level and what number would you set the tri chlor knob to? Also would running pump 2 hours per day be enough for the tri chlor pucks?
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    TFP program

    Guys, how would you answer this question. So I got my buddy on the TFP water chem program now for couple months and I think he's giving up. The other day he goes "this doesn't make sense. How does people who hires pool guys only to come once a week when chlorine needs to be added everyday? I...