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    Frozen Pool Pics 🥶

    Tokyo drifting!!!! WooHoo!!!
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    Frozen Pool Pics 🥶

    And why men have higher insurance rates than women. 🤦‍♀️
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    New Vinyl Liner Separation?

    Good day everyone. I recently had my liner replaced several months ago by initial pool builder. As I was paddling around the pool this morning I noticed this split in the seam. Fairly certain this is NOT how it's supposed to be. Can this be patched/fixed? I'm pretty handy, but not sure if this...
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    Pool Seam.jpeg

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    pH rise.....and rise again

    Thanks Texas. (TWU grad here; I miss brisket). I have forgotten about the 10ml conversion test protocol! I'll definitely give that a try. And yes, I'm on my last bit of cal-hypo. Then going back to bleach, most likely by Sun/Mon. And no aeration at all, deep end return pointed downward and...
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    pH rise.....and rise again

    Current test reading, Taylor kit: FC: 5 TC: 5 TA: 100 pH: 8.2 (was 7.5 Monday) **added 6 cups 31% MA, will retest at noon and add more if needed, which I think it will be. CYA: 50 CH: ~200....this test kills me. Faint pink/red, 23 drops later MAYBE a hint of blue). Recently had my 14yr old...
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    New liner - start-up metals info needed

    Thanks! I'm currently using pucks for the first month or so to get my CYA up a little higher, to 40ppm. I dropped a few extra pucks in to raise the FC to 4.
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    New liner - start-up metals info needed

    Just switched out my 16yr old 20mil liner last week for a new 28mil as it was quite faded and had some water under it in deep end. I was able to fill my pool 16yrs ago from well and never had issues until years ago when I had staining; treated it and kept it at bay for the most part. No staining...
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    Looking for Feedback from Vinyl Pool Owners with S200/300 Style Robots

    My Dolphin M400 climbs the walls just fine. I've had it 2 years and just had to replace the climbing foam rings this season (year 3).
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    Hurricane prep tips

    This issue always is what to do when the power goes out? Here in Raleigh-Durham, I anticipate that happening. My plan: Dump some water to just below the skimmer late Thursday evening when the rain bands are hitting here. Turn off pump, keeping it in waste mode. Maybe wake up a few times during...
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    10+ yr old motor died

    Jim, Thanks for reply. Hubby just wants to change out the motor at this point. Can get one <$170 online. Next year we are looking to add SWG and variable speed. I liked what I read for them. Need to save up a bit for that. My electric bill spikes a little more that $50/month with running full...
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    10+ yr old motor died

    I currently have a 10 yr old Sta-Rite Dura Glas II 1HP one speed motor that died this weekend. Actually rather surprised it has made it this far. I run a pump pretty much 24/7 in the heat of the summer for max water turnover. I only have one skimmer return and if I reduce run time I have water...
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    Olympic Pool

    My neighbor works for Olympic Broadcasting Services and has been in Rio for little over a year. She's in charge of all Fields of Play (venues) and camera sets. She may be a bit off on the chemistry/filtration details but she helps take care of my pool when I go on vaca so knows a little. This is...
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