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    Extended closing

    I just shut down my heat pump last Saturday and installed my solid Loop-Loc on Sunday. My pump is still running on a slow speed. I won't shut down until the water is close to 60F. Right now it is 72F.
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    Forum changes

    Do I have to scratch my screen?
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    Tried to deep clean my sand filter first time ever....think I messed up bad :( What are my options

    It was probably hard to take apart because sand was on the center white pipe when it was inserted in the multi-port head. Now that you got it apart, make sure the center pipe is clean before reinstalling the multi-port. You could try a dry lube like a silicone spray but I would stay away from...
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    Forum changes

    What changes were made during this latest update? I do see some changes with how new content is listed. Just curious if that is the only change.
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    WIll Phosphates damage the pool heater?

    I have used Orenda. If you're going to use one, that one works great.
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    Pool Solar Cover - Does moisture in 50% of the bubbles mean it's not doing its job anymore or should I keep it for another season?

    "Technically, all you really need for a pool cover is a large sheet of plastic. Plastic meets the requirement of being a vapor barrier." Swimming Pool Covers When the bubbles start breaking, it means that you should be prepared to replace the cover. I have gone a whole season with a solar cover...
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    Chlorine smell

    There’s 2 kinds of adults I always say….. 1) those who pee in the pool 2) Liar Liar pants on fire’s.
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    Do I need to balance water if closing right after filling (new liner)?

    Besides what is already mentioned, you'll get organics blown in from the wind and carried by the rain unless you are using a solid cover.
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    Switching to salt, do I need a new test kit and routine?

    I will do me. I can understand the overall warning because some people will forget to close the bottom returns.
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    How Long Can You Delay Liner Replacement, if at all?

    Chemical engineer working as an environmental engineer. One example would be during an equipment malfunction. To paraphrase the regulation, equipment should be repaired as soon as practicable.
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    Switching to salt, do I need a new test kit and routine?

    Because as a chemical engineer, I understand density of solids and liquids, solids dissolving in water and concentrations. I don't know where this surge of high salinity water comes from. I'm more than willing to adjust my thinking if explained to me. It would come from salt on the bottom of the...
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    How Long Can You Delay Liner Replacement, if at all?

    I use it frequently in my job.
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    Covered with Loop Loc but not closed - pump running

    The effort I put in during the fall to wait to shut down after the water drops below 60F pays itself back with clear spring openings. I never have opened to a green pool.
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    Covered with Loop Loc but not closed - pump running

    I did that last year with my pool. I have a Loop-Loc solid cover. I turned off my SWG. I vacuumed my pool by hand before putting on the cover. The FC level stayed level over the time. I think the cover delays closing the pool since the air layer between the cover and water is somewhat insulating...
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    Aqua cal heat pump tripping breaker

    I assume this is a new heat pump. My several year old heat pump started tripping the breaker recently. The problem ended up being a bad capacitor.