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    Water level check. More debris than usual floating on top of water.

    Did you check a camera to see how many of your neighbors were using the pool while you were gone?
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    Phosphates Will Kill Your Chlorine????

    No only didn't he know what he was talking about but a phosphate level of 179 is not high.
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    Taylor sample sizer. Unnecessary and love it

    If you think about it, that is not really a bad problem to have. It means the FC level in the pool is higher than your tests. It would be worse if the results were in reverse where the pool water has an FC level lower than what your test shows.
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    Bad timing - pump

    I wish. The old owners of my new house left me a dead robot, a VSP programmed to run at 3000 rpms, and dying shrubs around the perimeter of the pool deck.
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    Bad timing - pump

    I guess my pool wanted to send me a goodbye gift. The bearings on the pump went bad 15 days before the closing on the sale of my house. Fortunately, I found another pump and replaced it on Monday. In the last two months, I have also had to replace the MPV on the sand filter and the salt cell...
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    Fatty-like substance in sand filter

    I had my own thread on this. My question was can you tell by looking at the sand that it needs changed or should I just change it for a fresh start? I do know the previous owner used clarifiers since he left me a half bottle of it.
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    Skimmer Parts

    How do you find the model of skimmer that is installed on a pool? I didn't build my current pool so I don't have any details. For the skimmer, the only clue is CMP (custom molded product) logo on the skimmer cover. I may need to replace the weir door, basket, or cover in the future. Right now I...
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    Aquabot Rapids XLS

    I inherited an Aquabot Rapids XLS with the purchase of my new home. The previous owner said the robot worked fine but the power supply was broken. I have no intention on resurrecting this robot. Should I just toss it in the dump or put it out there for free on craigslist for someone who may want...
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    Doing some research for possible pool purchase

    For me, it was more about methods of maintenance than chemistry levels. Before TFP, my numbers were similar to TFP with the exception of FC. The pool store wanted me to run at 1-3 ppm. Often I was near 5 ppm so I was closer to TFP than their numbers. The main difference was the method to lower...
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    Doing some research for possible pool purchase

    I replaced the vinyl liner on my inground pool at 10 years. I replaced it more for aesthetics reasons than concern over getting a leak. It was bleaching out from the sun.
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    Second Time Pool Owne

    First thing you should have on hand is a good test kit. Second is that you should have a good understanding of the chemicals you are putting in the pool. You should visit the Pool School. You will find that the chlorine tablets contain cyanuric acid (CYA) and their use will raise the CYA level...
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    Determining if sand needs replaced

    Only reason I'm bringing it up now instead of unpacking boxes is that I had to backflush yesterday. The SWG was not generating when the pump is running at 2000 rpm. After I backflushed, the SWG was back to generating. I can't tell how dirty the water was except the little bit passing through the...
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    Determining if sand needs replaced

    Only one previous owner. I put 2020 in my signature because a neighbor said the previous owners built it during Covid. Only clue I have is one of the pieces of equipment has a September 2019 manufacture date on it. So the pool is only about 2 years old. How much damage can someone do in one...
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    Determining if sand needs replaced

    Yes, it's my new pool. I replaced my signature last week. I'm familiar with sand filters because my last pool which I had built in 2006 has a sand filter. I deep cleaned it every year. I guess my question comes back to seeing some past posts where deep cleaning didn't get rid of the floc. I got...
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    Determining if sand needs replaced

    Since there was a different thread asking about sand filters, it triggered a question about my pool. I know sand should never need replacing unless someone gunked it up with clarifiers and floc. How can you tell if sand is gunked up? I just moved into a house with a pool that has a sand filter...