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    New Build - Control Panel

    Great layout, it will be a fun pool! Couple of things: 1. on your tanning ledge, if you plan on having ledge lounger chairs in the pool, facing the water per the renderings, the current layout of your bubblers (construction photos) may inhibit this (i.e. they are side by side vs. parallel to...
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    New Build - Control Panel

    I have a very similar set up to what you describe. I have the pool, spa, bubblers and sheer lights all separate, so it takes 4 of the available relays. I will say that after a year, we almost 100% turn on all the lights on at the same time, so in theory all the lights could be on one relay...
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    Opinion on brand new glass waterline tile

    Well as a fellow selector of Lunada Bay tile for our pool, I can emphasize. We had a lot of problems with tiles coming off at the raised spa (30 ish tiles), to the builder's credit, they redid all of it at the expense. From my experiences with this tile, installation prep (i.e. waterproofing...
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    Pentair Pump Noise

    Yeah!! Pump is fixed, 3rd trip out to repair, seems they replaced the motor or the "dry" side, works as it should, much more quieter again. I still don't know what exactly was wrong, just happy it's fixed and was covered under warranty.
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    Pentair Pump Noise

    So two trips from the Pentair warranty claim have resulted in....there was some glue from the fitting that got into the impeller...they disassembled the impeller, cleaned the glue out, put it back together and....same sound from the pump, I think they were going toward water chemistry until I...
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    check out our design plans for new build - we love them but what are we missing? (newbies to process seeking feedback :)

    Welcome to the forum! Your design looks great and will be an amazing project! We recently finished a build, so I am no expert, but offer the following; 1. Think about how the sun moves across your backyard and how you will provide shade, as you know, it's hot in the summer, sometimes I think how...
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    Pentair Pump Noise

    Heater is working properly, no issues when heating up the hot tub. I think I have inserted some pictures during the build that shows more of the equipment pad and layout. No soot to speak of, thanks for sending the video, I got $10 it's the fan...I think. Worst part is getting off the...
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    Pentair Pump Noise

    It's on the pump sides and back.
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    Pentair Pump Noise

    So my filter pump started to make a whining noise a couple of days ago, the pump (011056) still "works" and will still change speeds, etc. I noticed black film around the motor area, perhaps it's the fan on the motor or? The pump is less than a year old. Normally I run it about 12 hours/day...
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    New Build - Houston, TX (Heights) - Finished Build!

    The company that did our design/pool wanted to have a photoshoot so they could use it for adverstiving/social media, etc. Sort of a "but my yard is to small to have a nice pool and outdoor area".....oh is it too small? Good luck to all those building will finish! Also getting my...
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