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    Anyone in Houston use Pebblesheen Blue Granite or other medium/dark blues?

    We used Slate Blue Pebble Sheen, you can look at my build if you are interested to see in person, send me a DM.
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    New Build - Houston, TX (Heights) - Finished Build!

    Hahaha...although we have some privacy (for our neighborhood) there will be no skinny dipping!!
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    New Build - Houston, TX (Heights) - Finished Build!

    It will be used to hang string lights between that structure and the pergola, underneath the string lights will be our dining set (when we pick one out). I need to get some aluminum box tube at the vertical locations to make it a little more rigid, I liked how the stained cedar looked, so I just...
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    New Build - Houston, TX (Heights) - Finished Build!

    So they installed the post then built fence panels that screwed into the post, in the case I ever need to remove them for better access to the equipment. They are just slats, not tongue and grove.
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    New Build - Houston, TX (Heights) - Finished Build!

    Finished...well nearly, rain gutter scheduled for next week, this spring will be planting more flowers and shrubs, need to get an umbrella and the in water loungers (color suggesting for the umbrella and loungers welcome!) string lights need to be installed and just more decorating items as...
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    Finished 17DEC21-06.jpg

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    New Build - Houston, TX (Heights) - Finished Build!

    Pergola roof installed (clear polycarbonate sheets), lights at pergola installed, TV Cabinet and 70" TV installed, Turf was installed yesterday (11/19) they are almost finished, diamond vine wire and vines (1 jasmine and 1 ragoon) planted. Awaiting paver install (under the pergola, hopefully...
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