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    Possible to replace coping and tile but not the quartz plaster?

    What does it look like now? Compared to the before
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    Semi-Inground construction and deck bridging house to pool - ideas?

    Isn't there a 800 number to call? Local Utility people come out and mark the lines for free. That's what we did when they dug out for our pool. We had to reroute our phone line.
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    Ledge Lounger Bulging

    Did the water freeze inside the chairs? That would cause expansion and explain the bulging. The expanding ice had to go somewhere.
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    Glow-in-the-dark aggregates

    Pictures, please!!!
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    Need help to fix a botched concrete pool deck job

    I do like the wavy look of the edge. Looks more organic than some straight edges. It's pretty impossible to match new concrete to the color of weathered older concrete. It seems to match the color of the coping. I could get used to the color. The crack on the other hand ...... No clue
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    Ants in paver deck?

    For those ant hills that are visible, (and close to the house) I pour boiling water on the nest. Easy on the budget, no residual chemicals, pet-safe, & available in abundance!!
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    Choosing a water color

    I love the 2nd one as well.
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    I had the same problem a few years ago. Only bleach, Muric acid, Baking soda.... added to the pool for the whole time. But after reading that salt in a chlorine pool makes the water feel so much nicer, I added about 4 bags of salt one year, and 4 more the next. I suspect the metal came with the...
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    Very high chlorine readings for several weeks

    "Had problems earlier this year with low PH and high Alkalinity, but have managed to bring PH up with varying Borax and Washing Soda. 8/3 we added 1 gal Muratic Acid (31.45%) to work to bring Alkalinity down. " Muric Acid lowers PH!!
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    North Texas, new liner needed?

    Have you checked the hoses/ PVC pipes outside of the pool? Cracked filter, leak at skimmer..... Might not be a liner problem, but a plumbing problem.
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    Dirt under stairs

    Try sticking a water-hose with spray nozzle into the holes. That would force out the dirt. I'm in the process of doing the same thing. But my suspicion it, there is some algae growing there as well. I will have to pull mine out and give them a good scrubbing with bleach water.
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    Lots of water loss in my IG vinyl liner pool

    I used gorilla tape on my pool for a couple of years. That worked well enough until we replaced the liner.
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    Drain My Pool Again!! 2nd Time in 6 Months!! URGGGGGGGG

    "FC usually 0-2 ( this is my main problem, even after a shock treatment its only 5-6 for a day or so) " What kind of "shock treatment"? Most of those will add more CYA to your pool. Use only reg bleach to increase your FC
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    Old liner into cover.

    When they replaced my liner, the old one was brittle and had the sand and algae stuck on the bottom. It wasn't pretty. Nothing I wanted to ever see again, least of all to get into contact with my nice, new and clean water!!
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    Can Suction Cleaners Damage a Vinyl Liner?

    My 8 year old liner was damaged due to a suction side cleaner. It got trapped between stairs and wall, cleaned the same spot for hours!!!! But that is not something that will happen to everybody. Now a new liner, (after a patch job that lasted 3 years) I still have the same suction side...