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    New pump installed - tripping breaker

    Alright breaker was bad, fixed that problem! Now when I turn the pump on it shuts off after about 30 seconds. Come on!! Lol. Thoughts?
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    New pump installed - tripping breaker

    The wire between the pump and breaker is about 150 ft. I disconnected from the timer and it still tripped the breaker. Seems it could be the breaker?
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    New pump installed - tripping breaker

    I have attached the wiring which is all current. The only thing different is the black wire running to the ground. It is certain it is ground, lebeled, had to switch out the bad wire. now I am going to test the breaker in a bit to see if it is bad. It is a 20 amp breaker and I’m reading This...
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    New pump installed - tripping breaker

    Hey everyone, new here. I replaced a burned up pump, everything inside practically melted. I made sure to take photos and put everything back however now when I go to flip the breaker back on it just trips. I can not for the life of me figure out why. before was a sq1102 and i have switched it...
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