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    Dolphin Active30 starts for a few seconds then stops

    I have a similar issue although mine (A30i) displays the little yellow triangle w/ exclamation point on the app. Clicking on it reveals Impeller 1 Overload. I can click reset robot but no change. When activated it moves backwards a few feet, then stops. Yellow triangle never clears. When it...
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    Is the blue tooth option worth the extra money?

    Agree with @JoyfulNoise on the additional cleaning modes. I don't use the scheduling function but I love being able to change the cleaning mode. I can set it to floor-only when I have the solar cover on, or ultra clean (causes it to drive slower) after the kids have been going back and forth...
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    Dolphin S200 getting clogged

    I have an Active 30i (aka S300i) so probably similar to yours. One thing I do when the leaves are have is I remove the black fabric thing. I think Maytronics calls it the "Non Return Flap". That lets the leaves flow more easily into the basket. Note that you need to lift the robot out of the...
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    New M600 robot

    Does anyone know if the basket/bottom opening on the M600 is larger than an A30i? We have an elm tree right over our pool and we battle leaves, seed pods, and berries all year. Often the opening in the bottom of the A30i will get jammed with leaves and spend the rest of the cycle just driving...
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    Robotic cleaner for IG with steps, benches & Spa

    Agree with others. We have steps and benches and the robot won't climb them. Just brush them into the main part of the pool and the robot/filter will clean it up.
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    Robot Only?

    One other thing, if you aren't in a hurry, Maytronics usually does a rebate in the May/June timeframe. I think last year it was $75. This is last year's: We built our pool 3 years ago and after reading on this board we told our builder...
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    A20 (cord twisting)

    How long/how many cycles are you leaving it in the pool? Consensus here is building to taking it out every few cycles to empty the basket and also make sure there are no twists in the cord.
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    Trying to select a robotic cleaner. (Polaris vs Dolphin)

    Your local shop should provide warranty support. There have been stories here of local shops not doing warranty work on units they did not sell but that is counter to what Maytronics says.
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    Poured concrete pool leaking

    Correct, gunite is NOT waterproof. You HAVE to put something on top of the gunite. @SuzfromTexas listed the most common ones above: plaster, vinyl, fiberglass, or tile.
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    New NE Oklahoma IG Build

    Gunite went in last week. Have been busy with work to get pics posted (have to pay for this thing somehow!). Since then they've just been hauling all the rock/dirt away, pulling forms, and running power from my meter over to the equipment pad. Tomorrow they'll start trenching to lay down the...
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    Dolphin Cleaners - confusing models/availability

    The Nautilus only has 2 brushes that turn the same speed as the treads so it doesn't really "scrub". The M400/500 has a 3rd brush in the center that spins at a different speed than the treads so it actually scrubs the bottom. Also the Nautilus does not do the tile line. Based on this site the...
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    A Breakdown of Dolphin's 2017 Lineup

    The Z models are the ones for online/internet sales. It's like going to a mattress store. They can say that they'll match prices but the manufacturer changes the model names for each sales channel so it's not the same model and so they don't have to match the price.
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    Dolphin Cleaners - confusing models/availability

    For that size pool I would go w/ the M500 and not look back.
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    A Breakdown of Dolphin's 2017 Lineup

    Do you have any shallow ledges? With that size pool I'd lean towards the M400/M500. If you're a geek/nerd and want to use the app all the time to tweak things get the M500. If you're not then get the M400.
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    A Breakdown of Dolphin's 2017 Lineup

    Fantastic summary. Thanks for this!