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    Difficult plumbing repair!

    If I understand what you are attempting to do, I would remove the new gate valve and use a three way Jandy valve in place of the tee. That will give you a little more wiggle room to get everything lined up as well as using a better valve for future serviceability. And to add to my...
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    Broken Pipe on sand filter? Repairable?

    Same answer, different part.. Hard to tell, but taking a closer look at your picture, you may need additional internal parts. It appears that the bulkhead connector may hvae been repaired in the past as it doesn't look like the parts diagram. Link to parts diagram. Following link for...
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    Is the Aquacomb better than a spray nozzle?

    Pool care is no different than any other hobby. There is always some better/cheaper/faster gadget to make life wonderful until it doesn't. I have the Aquacomb and it works fine but is by no means effortless to use. I stopped using it a long time ago and went back old school to my non...
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    Ice melt calcium

    Do not use any "blend" anything, Look for pure calcium chloride. Here is a link for reference. A quick search on this part number or the one below may find a less expensive purchase option. MELT50CCP Another option would be to use Cal-Hypo to raise the calcium level in your water ONLY UNTIL...
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    Broken Pipe on sand filter? Repairable?

    You appear to have a Pentair Triton (TR-some size) side mount filter. If this is the case and if everything else about it is/was working prior to The Event, then all you need is a new bulkhead connector and some time/patience. Only including link to Amazon as a reference. Price varies greatly...
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    What sealant to use for leaking hybrid pool?

    Not sure what you are specifically asking about since your post has been split off from the original one but if you are asking about the Vulkem 116 then yes, it has working great for me. I am still in the process of getting my pool going this year but from what I can see so far, the work I did...
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    Triton II TR-50 Air Relief Tube and Backwash question

    I have the Grandad of the Pentair Triton TR-100 (PacFab Superlow 100) which uses the (almost) same internal parts. Under normal conditions you probably wouldn't notice any operational differences with or without the air bleed tube connected HOWEVER without the bleed tube connected there is no...
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    Best Places to Buy Liquid Chlorine

    This has always been my experience as well. Before the pandemic last year, I would purchase almost a full years worth of 12.5% from my local Menards when had their BOGO sale in early Spring (1.99 gal equivalent) and never had any issues with degredation. Even had some left over one year that...
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    Best Places to Buy Liquid Chlorine

    For anyone near a Woodman's grocery store, and specifically the one in Buffalo Grove, IL, they have started stocking the 12.5% 4 packs again this year. Price went up by .49/CASE so still a prety good price at 10.49/case for 12.5%. BUT they are limiting purchases to one CASE per day per person...
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    Best Places to Buy Liquid Chlorine

    If I were a betting man, I would put money on no BOGO this year since we are close to the time when it normally starts and it appears that the 11% will continue through the period that it is normally advertised. Plus the stock levels are going up at my store but not to the levels during the...
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    Are the less expensive mesh covers worth a look?

    I have had this cover for four years and have been very satisfied with it. It was damaged out of the box and when I called customer service they were very responsive and promptly send a replacement at no cost to me as well as a prepaid return tag for the damaged cover.
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    Aerating with unhealthy air

    The first thing that came to my mind is that the OP is operating the worlds largest bong.
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    Replace Anchor Industries mesh safety cover

    I have this cover I have and have been happy with it. The price is nowhere near what I paid for it back in 2016 but I would buy it again based on my experience with it. I just measured and my anchor points are approx 66" apart on the long side and there are 9 of them.
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    There are two versions of the Speed Stir. One is battery powered and the other is powered by a wall wart. Obviously the one pictured on the left is the battery powered one but not sure about the one on the right as I cannot see the part number to compare with the left picture. The battery...
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    House water to pool equipment?

    This will work fine. I have essentially the same setup as you are proposing and have experiences no issues. I will add that I have a check valve (really the Flo-Vis flow meter) after my pump so that fill water is forced into going through the pool returns and not backing up through the...