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    2 speed pump for 24' ABG pool? Edit - Also connecting 2" pipe to new pump see post 22

    I own that pump in 1HP version and it does great with my 24' sharkline matrix. I run it only on low speed about 7 hours a day and it does just fine skimming. The pump is extremely quiet on the LOW speed setting. I chlorinate with bleach, so I can speak to it's use vs. salt, but its been a...
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    How much sand Do I have? *Updated* with sand in glass viewer and lack of leverage in MPV handle problems. RESOLVED!

    I think you are on the right track. You can weigh the rocks and get an accurate measurement so that is straigt forward. I would assume the mfg recommendation of 100 kg of sand is on a dry weight basis, and this would be difficult for you to weigh because the weight of your buckets is...
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    Pump tripping GFCI outlet

    Well, i guess I got lucky. Instead of waiting for me poke around with the multimeter, my wife called the local pool store and learned that they service Hayward pumps and parts available for most repairs. I few hours later I got call from their shop indicating they had opened it up and has the...
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    Pump tripping GFCI outlet

    Hi Phonedave - tx for reply. Just to confirm, the 20 amp breaker is not tripping, just the GFCI at the outlet. I have a meter, but I'm not as familiar with using it in ohm mode...I might have to call in a buddy to help me follow your suggestion. Tx-Greg
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    Pump tripping GFCI outlet

    Hi All - I have a Hayward power flo matrix 1 HP 2 speed pump I purchased new in August 2019. I run the pump on low speed approximately 11 hours a day via a simple intermatic outdoor rated dial type timer (the kind with the circular dial and on/off pins). Pump is plugged into timer, timer is...
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    overflow protection installation??

    French drain would certainly work, but that would entail a good deal of effort on my part, and I'm getting older and lazier! Upon further inspection from inside the pool, my initial idea won't work, as I don't have enough space/height to install a return jet as the bottom edge of the top rail...
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    overflow protection installation??

    In theory, that might work. BUT, my skimmer has already experienced 3 years of sunshine, and that type of plastic can get "brittle" and crack under the strain of the drill bit. However, a hole saw bit that is nice and sharp, with little pressure applied, would probably work.
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    overflow protection installation??

    Newdude - Wow, a skimmer with a built in overflow device. Now there is some forward thinking/engineering design. Any idea who manufactures that skimmer? That design would work provided the diameter of the hole and rate of discharge is large enough to offset the rate of water coming into the...
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    overflow protection installation??

    PV2 - good idea with the pavers, but that wouldn't work too well for my set up. The surrounding area where the skimmer is located is actually higher than the area is under the skimmer, so any water that hits the pavers would just accumulate around the edges of the pavers. Cowboy Casey - I...
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    overflow protection installation??

    Cowboy Casey = tx for the quick response. Yes, that Hayward fitting is just what I was thinking about. And I agree...loss of water during pool use would be insignificant. I'm curious to hear if any other members have actually installed anything like this or something similar. Greg
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    overflow protection installation??

    Hello all - I was wondering if anyone has ever installed some type of overflow device on an AGP to prevent water from spilling over the sides of the pool during a heavy rainfall? My concern is that during a heavy rain event the water level will rise and the first place it will overflow is at...
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    New pool owner

    Welcome..your best friends will soon be a good test kit as recommended above and the the Pool Math Calculator on this site!
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    Need a new Sand filter/pump, help needed.

    I have the Hayward power flo matrix 1 HP 2 speed pump and an oversized Hayward 300# sand filter and I'm very happy w this system..see my signature for specifics. Keeps my pool crystal clear and I only backwash once per pool season. Greg
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    What’s against using an inground cleaner on a abg pool?

    I believe one of the concerns is that when climbing the wall, it is placing some stress on the liner where it attaches to the pool rail, which "may" cause the pool liner/top rail attachment to become compromised. This is obviously very pool specific and factors such as weight of cleaner and...
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    Best above ground robotic vacuum

    This is my second summer with the Dophin S50...I really like it. I did follow the advice of others and purchased the fine filter cartridges with initial purchase.