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    Water coming out backflush port with mutiport valve set to filter.

    Well I was searching around online and it looks like a spider gasket may correct this issue. Does anyone know the correct p/n for this gasket. I was going to guess pentair 50131000. Thanks Greg
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    Water coming out backflush port with mutiport valve set to filter.

    I have 2003 pentair meteor sand filter. 26" #58930100. Water is pouring out the backflush port all the time. I capped the port and it filters correctly. I suspect air is also getting into the filter through the top when it is shut off. SHould I repair this or just purchase a new filter. I...
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    Dolphin Premier M5 - 4th Season Refurb

    Great write up. I am on season 4 with an M4. Mine is still going a great job. But it is time to replace those foam rings and the original filters. The last week I have noticed a small amount of styrofoam floating on the surface of my pool. I have been going nuts trying to figure out...
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    Dolphin s300i question

    I was looking at a pool supply catalog I get in the mail today and came across this. Doheny's Discovery Powered by Dolphin | Doheny's Pool Supplies Fast I wonder if this is the same thing as the 300.
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    Oasis Z5 Question - Stuck on bottom grates

    It would be interesting to see if the model's with the 3rd center brush get stuck like this. I haven't seen anyone report this problem with the M4/5 yet. The first thing I would do it try and get a refund.
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    is a 12mt robot like the Dolphin 2001 able to clean a 13x6 mt pool?

    I am pretty sure he means meter's. If you look at robot spec's on maytronics website it show recommended for pools up to 12 meters on many models. The cord is 59 feet long. You need to look at where the power supply will be. If it's away from one end you may have a problem. If the power...
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    Dolphin M4 - Doors do not latch well.

    I am also on the second season with an M4. The button only moves at the side furthest away from the center of the cleaner. Moves about 1/4 inch. The button doesn't move at all at the side closest to the center. Mine latches just like it did when new. After reading your post I took a close...
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    Looking to get a robot! Here is a review on the Liberty that talks about removing it from the pool.
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    Bag or Cartridge filter!prettyPhoto/0/ If you watch the video on this page it shows the filter boxes. The 4 cartridges form 2 small boxes about 2 inches thick. The boxes pop out and then you remove the cartridges...
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    Maytronics Dolphin M4 1st season review

    I haven't seen any reviews on this one so I thought I might as well throw out my thoughts on the m4. My dolphin diagnostic lasted 10 full seasons with one repair under warranty(short 5 month seasons in PA). My guess is 700 cycles. approx $1.40 per plus power cost. I could be way off...
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    Buyer beware on bleach 8/15/2014

    I had a relative(mother in law) bring her cleaning stuff to my house . She left a gallon of spashless clorox brand in my basement. Not sure how long it was there , but the plastic jug started to leak from the bottom of the original plastic jug. Whats in the spashless that would make a...
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    Purchased a Dolphin Supreme M5

    That is a great price. Thanks for the link. I recently bought an M4 at a local store and paid almost exactly what you paid for the m5. They have the M4 for almost $300 less than I paid. The No warranty thing is somethig to think about though. Hopefully you will never need it. I wouldn't...
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    Time for a new robot In this thread below, it sounds like the prowler 820 is a dolphin pool cleaner. I just had my dolphin diagnostic die this year also, after 10 full seasons. My power switch keeps turning off. I ended up...
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    Dolphin M5 vs Dolphin Oasis Z5

    I am just currious how long you expect the fine filters to last? I doubt I will ever use the corse filter. I recently bought an m4 that uses the same filter. Just for reference the cloth filter bag on my old dolphin diagniostic worked as good as new for 10 seasons and outlasted the cleaner.
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    Oasis Z5 Question - Stuck on bottom grates

    It would be interesting to see if the m5 with the third brush got stuck the same way.