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    Pool design tips,tricks,ideas

    Agree with Kim, I also prefer the one with the shelf by the house, especially if you decide on a raised spa - better visibility of activities in the pool, and with a sundeck that large you'll have a nice wide stretch of water from front to back which is nice if thats your primary viewing angle...
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    Pool design tips,tricks,ideas

    Since you mentioned freeform. . . we were putting together a design at one time that had both geometric and freeform elements. We ended up doing something different but I always thought it was a neat design. I was curious what it would look like in this space so I modified the general idea to...
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    Pool design tips,tricks,ideas

    What pool depth(s)? Raised spa? Do you want the sunshelf close to the house and in the shaded area (from the aerial picture), or outside of that shaded area?
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    Will this design cause maintenance nightmares?

    Agree only one set of steps needed. Our spa is in the same location as your drawing and the kids use the benches in the deep end a lot. Not sure if you have a particular size sunshelf in mind or plan to put loungers on it like the picture, but a smaller shelf could open up some options on the...
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    Which Stenner pump....10 or 22gpd?

    I’ve only been running the stenner for 6weeks or so and the fist month short-filled the tank twice so was more like 2 weeks storage with no issues. Stretching for 3-4 now... I’m going into third week and still seeing no change in FC vs runtime. Will be keeping an eye on it over the next 10...
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    Which Stenner pump....10 or 22gpd?

    Got it, that runtime makes sense @6%. Yes I think you have plenty of workable options with different bleach concentration or changing tubes once you get up and running and see what setup works best for you. I don’t see any issues even with 50gpm and 10%. I use 12.5% and refill every 3-4 weeks.
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