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    Need help Identify Seal/Oring

    Today my pull pump cut off in the middle of the day. I noticed some weird rubber type stuff inside of the impeller. Apparently there is some sort of o ring or seal inside of the impeller but I can't identify the part. Circled in red is the seal or oring that appears to have broken with half...
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    Replace Rusted Ladder

    This pool ladder is starting to rust extremely bad. I believe that the original pool builder used a ladder not suited for saltwater. You know of any good ladders for saltwater pools that could fit the existing anchor system?.
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    Green Backwash Filter View Port

    Thanks. I didn't know that this part screwed off. It's all good and clean now.
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    Green Backwash Filter View Port

    As the weather is starting to warm up, I noticed this backwash view port was super green. What is this view port called and how to best clean it out? Would all I nees to do is slam the pool? Thanks
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    Recycle Old SWG

    Hello All I recently replaced my Saniclear20 SWG system with a CircuPool SWG system. For those that have replaced a system, what do you do with the old one? Any one had any luck with recycling the parts?
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    Replacement Brand

    Here you go. If I had to guess, this is a Hayward aftermarket brand.
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