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    Help with heater leak

    I need some help with a leak. I just replaced the cast iron headers on my Raypak 336A heater. I threaded the CPVC couplers directly into the cast iron flange as the install manual instructed. I tightened them as tight as I could but once I turned the pump on I have a leak from the threads...
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    Raypak Heater Repair or Replace

    Ok, thanks. I'll check with the vendor I purchase the headers from. It looks like the bronze headers are significantly more expensive so I'll probably stick with the cast iron headers. Thanks to everyone for all the great info.
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    Raypak Heater Repair or Replace

    Can I swap from cast iron headers to bronze headers? It looks like the new Raypak heaters use bronze headers instead of cast iron. I wonder whether I could use the bronze headers instead since I have to replace my headers anyway. I just don't know how to determine if they are compatible with...
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    Raypak Heater Repair or Replace

    Thanks, I found the CPVC connectors that you are talking about. I also found the instructions in the Raypak install manual on making the water connections. It says the CPVC threads directly into the cast iron header flange. What I can't figure out is how the CPVC connector threads into the...
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    Raypak Heater Repair or Replace

    I don't think there was any check valve. Either way it's gone now so hopefully replacing the cast iron headers will keep the heater going for a long time. What's the best way to connect the cast iron inlet/outlet flanges with the PVC? That joint was leaking which is what started my...
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    Raypak Heater Repair or Replace

    There was but I eliminated it this season when I made some other plumbing changes.
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    Raypak Heater Repair or Replace

    Thanks guys, this helps a lot. Out of curiosity, what specific water chemistry imbalance would lead to the corrosion in the headers?
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    Raypak Heater Repair or Replace

    Still looking for some feedback based on the pictures. Thanks!
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    Raypak Heater Repair or Replace

    Any recommendations of where to buy parts and what parts to buy? I assume both cast iron headers. Do I need any gaskets or anything like that? Also what's the best way to connect to the PVC to the cast iron outlet and inlet flanges? Thanks, appreciate the feedback. @Pool Clown @ajw22...
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    Raypak Heater Repair or Replace

    Attaching pictures. Overall the condition looks good to me. Not much rust other than the cast iron headers. You can see the rust inside the inlet/outlet header and the opposite side return header is rusty too. I'm leaning towards replacing the headers and calling it good. Advice?
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