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    Speedstir Magnetic stirrer

    Cant live without it :)
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    Water Testing Kits

    The Speed Stir is a really nice option to have.
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    Well users - do you filter your well water ...

    I don't filter mine. When I first got the pool I had a water sample tested at the pool store. I haven't tested it it with my TF100 kit but don't have any problems with the water. Well is 253' deep. I filled it over a period of days and top off as needed. My Well Sample: PH 7 TDS 100 CYA 0 TC 0...
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    NFL Wild card games?

    The Irish are still looking for the number of the truck that hit them. I do however remember a game against A&M this year, hmmmm
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    NFL Wild card games?

    Texans and the Seahawks :)
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    Hello from the north.

    Welcome to the forum :wave:
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    testing salt levels

    Salt test strips are the acceptable to test the salt level.
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    What is the shock level for 0 CYA water?

    Off the subject of CYA but I use this for watering the dogs (two German Shepherds). Wouldn't own a cat though :) lol
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    Intex cartridge filter upgrade and cleaning tutorial

    I use a UNICEL Filter, all I do is wash it with the water hose nozzle when the flow gets slow at the return and right back in service.
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    New Pool Since July

    Your Ph cant be trusted as your FC is above 10. Your TA could come down and your CYA needs to come up. The plates are inside the tube. Some good reading for you: edit: beat by dmanb2b
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    Blue World Pool's ion system????

    I have a friend in town that has that system. The salesman told them it was a saltwater pool system. but they also need to add one half gallon of bleach each week to the pool (24' round) to boost the system. I explained to them that the reason their daughters hair was turning green was the...
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    Close pool?

    I purchased a used pump off eBay without the SWCG. I hook it up in the winter and run it 2 hours a day and just dose with bleach as needed.
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    The human population

    Congratulations :)
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    Arrrrggg! Backswimmers
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    Above ground olympic pool anyone?

    Interesting :)