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    In SLAM process

    I won't put much stress on a pump if that's what you asking. It's probably the same as running slightly dirty filter. The only thing is, your flow might be too high and it might blow it off. You can try women knee high socks if you have any. I have 2 speed pump and I normally have it running on...
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    In SLAM process

    Your eyeball return have a front plate that you can unscrew (counterclockwise) and remove temporarily along with eyeball. You should be able to secure sock to exposed threads with zip ties or nylon string or something like that. Another option, if you have flexible outlet hose from your filter...
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    In SLAM process

    Tracy, I'm so happy for you! You made it thru the whole ordeal and reclaim your pool! As for your questions: - pucks are best to use when you can't do liquid chlorine (vacation, out of town, etc.) - put a sock over your return to find out if sand is coming out your filter. It's possible that...
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    Mustard algae questions...

    Hi Beth Check this Pool School guide - Mustard Algae Most of your questions are answered there. Regarding pool robot, I don't know what type of robot you have but if it's anything like popular Polaris, I would use it. My take is - any extra brushing/scrubbing is definitely beneficial especially...
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    First SLAM

    What's your water volume? How big is your pool? Please fill in your signature. I see you have a sand filter and 1 speed 1.5 hp pump.
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    Dogs in the pool

    I have 2 puppies, Siberian Husky and Golden Doodle. They both about 6 months old. I can't keep them off the pool. They quickly learned to climb the ladder on their own. I have model where you can slide the steps up and lock it. Have to keep steps locked all the time to prevent unauthorized...
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    New house - Need to SLAM but CYA levels high and can't replace/drain

    How is the water? Any cloudiness or sign of algae? Can you get FC to hold? Try to add enough chlorine to raise FC to 10 ppm using with pump running. Test FC after 15 minutes. If FC >5 and no other water issues, you can possibly maintain your pool this season without draining. The only other...
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    New pool owner - cloudy pool w/ 0 CYA reading

    If pool was drained and refilled, your CYA will be 0. However if you think you might have ammonia in your water, add enough chlorine to raise your FC to 10 in accordance with With pump running, test FC 15 minutes later. If FC > 5 ppm, you can add enough stabilizer to raise your CYA to 30 ppm...
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    In SLAM process

    You are correct! I never checked my logs and I just did. My logs are also shifted 5 hours. So I guess if it's consistent across the board it's OK for now.
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    In SLAM process

    I'm not sure how app could do it by default but when you about to add log, in a top portion of that window there is date and time you can adjust. It gets auto populated for me correctly, and I can adjusted manually but have no idea why it would do that for you automatically. As a workaround, you...
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    Another day, another SLAM

    You might want to check if the algae you are battling might be mustard algae. One of it trademarks is the fact that it would disapear at SLAM level but comes back as FC start to drift down. If you haven't already check this guide - Mustard Algae
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    In SLAM process

    Tracey, I noticed your logs are posting with time +5 hours into the future. Looks like you have wrong time set on whatever device you use for PoolMath app. You might want to fix that as it might be very misleading for someone trying to analyze your logs.
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    Water is finally crystal clear, but still high consumption of chlorine

    0 CYA and high CC might indicate bacteria turned your CYA int ammonia. Last test results show low CC, so it looks like you burned thru most of it already. Keep SLAMing and it should get back to normal soon.
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    New pool owner

    Hi, welcome to TFP! We can definitively help you care for your pool, however you need to be able to perform your own water test. Therefore you need one of two kits we recommend: TF-100 or Taylor K-2006C Test Kits Compared In the meantime do some reading in our pool school: ABCs of Pool Water...
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    Can’t figure out what this is or how to get rid of it

    Hi, welcome to TFP! We can definitively help you get your pool in shape but in order to do so, you need to be able to perform your own water test. Therefore you need one of two kits we recommend: TF-100 or Taylor K-2006C In the meantime do some reading in our pool school: Recommended Levels...