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    Help. Fine sediment / sand settled at bottom of pool

    did you just use the suction of the skimmer and run through to waste or use a separate pump? I did this and it did work however the pool drained so fast t ok waste I got to the skimmer level within 5 mins and I will need to constantly refill the pool back up to get rid of the amount I have.
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    Help. Fine sediment / sand settled at bottom of pool

    Same type of filter here. Did you suction to waste manually?
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    Help. Fine sediment / sand settled at bottom of pool

    Ok, thanks. Is there any use of vacuuming the sediment to waste?
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    Help. Fine sediment / sand settled at bottom of pool

    I have shocked the pool and run a few times as was very green. Pool itself is running fine however I have an issue with this fine sand / sediment that has settled at the bottom of the pool. My sweep just poofs all the fine sediment up and makes the pool turn a much greener foggy color and...
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    Pool sweep not turning on / do I need to replace the timer or are electrics wrong

    I just had a technician replace the pool pump timer as it wasn’t working and I had to manually turn on the sweep and pump. However now he has replaced the pump timer that now works well and turns on automatically, the pool sweep does not turn on with the timer OR manually when the pump is on...
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    Weird timer/pump/pool sweep issue

    Sorry for delay. Here’s a pic of the wiring as is. Pump works fine and timer shuts on and off. Still have no power on sweep manually. I’m interested if there is anything glaring here that I can fix or if I need to call out someone to look in person. I’d just rather fix myself if I can!
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