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    Is CircuPool really the best?

    I’ve been quite happy with my Circupool. I picked their RJ45+ via a $1 size upgrade promotion that was running. They have it again now as a $4 upgrade for the festivities. The vertical install option should let it fit in just about anywhere. I’m not sure I’d just broadly classify the Circupool...
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    Pool liner slipped at top

    So the photos should pretty well illustrate the problem. The top of the liner is come out in two spots. Looking for how to fix this. Thanks!
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    New-ish Member

    I joined the forums last year when I ran into some trouble following the local pool store recommendations... Read up on the methods here and everything cleared up perfectly. Realized I never introduced myself last year as I never actually posted about any problems, the Pool School methods just...
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    Suggestion for new salt water generator for a 38k gallon pool

    I just recently put in an RJ45+ from Circupool and it's been working great so far this season. I also picked up one of their VS pumps for about $1200 combined.
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    Need advice - shouldn't have listened to kid at pool store!

    Skip the pool store for liquid chlorine if you can. I get 10% pool chlorine at Walmart for $3 a bottle, vs $12 a bottle at my pool store. Some of the big box stores will sell it reasonably too.