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    Advice on new Gas Heater Pentair, Hayward, Other?

    Chiming in late.... I love the Raypak heaters, currently own a 406A natural gas unit. Easy to use, fires up within 5-10 seconds and gets to temp quick. I do not know much about the LOW-NOX systems sorry. However a general note of caution. My first Raypak was installed back in 2006. Worked great...
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    Raypak 406A 7 Pin Remote Plug/Cable

    I was afraid of that. I sent an email to Raypak this morning and will monitor the ebay posting in case things go south. Thanks!
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    Raypak 406A 7 Pin Remote Plug/Cable

    Wanted to bump this back up in case anyone has any information on links for the cable. Thanks.
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    Raypak 406A 7 Pin Remote Plug/Cable

    I am trying to configure my Raypak 406A heater for remote operation. I opened up the panel and the 7 pin connector w/ 3 wires is not there. I went through my bag of goodies and no luck. I searched on the web to order but for the life of me I can't find it. I did find a wiring harness pack which...
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    What's your current pool temp?

    Kids had me crank up the Raypak on Friday. Pool temp has been around 82-84 through the weekend. Glad the warm weather is here.
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    Replacing Single Speed Hayward 2HP Superpump: 2-speed recommendations?

    Tks, I get smarter the more I use these boards. Does this certify me as an electrician now? :D
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    Replacing Single Speed Hayward 2HP Superpump: 2-speed recommendations?

    Is there a way to visually identify what voltage my current pump is using (115 or 230V)? Silly question I know
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    2019 Pool Opening in VA

    Thanks again for the advice. Before and after pics. Just waiting on the FC to come down to normal levels. Hoping CYA will drop after all the rain that we will have this weekend. All other levels good. See the guy in the blue shirt? Sure he is nice but he won't be back (pool company).
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    Hello, Newbie here

    Beautiful pool, and house. I really like that automatic cover, wish I had one. I am sure you guys will get many years of enjoyment from it.
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    DIY Pool Rehab

    My wife would LITERALLY kill me if she came home and I had done that to the pool! Kudos, awesome project and a great story to follow!
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    A Pleasant Surprise

    I was more saying along the lines of ... the last 12 years, I have never been able to see the bottom of the pool after peeling back the cover ... however that was because I as was not educated and gone through Pool School
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    Hey from Kansas

    Thank you for your service Rebelscot! And you found the right place. Great community with lots of knowledge to share.
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    2019 Pool Opening in VA

    Awesome, thank you. My last question and I think I can close this out. SO my pool going in was looking pretty good. Wanted to do the SLAM to get a good start to the season. For a situation like that is a one day SLAM ok?
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    2019 Pool Opening in VA

    ARRRGGGHHH.... Started my SLAM last night around 4pm EST, did all the right things. Rechecked FC/CC, sitting around 30/0. Checked again at 8pm EST, looking solidWent out this morning to check levels. Being that my CYA is high (70), target shock FC is 28. That translates in to adding a lot of...
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    Old backyard new pool!!!

    That is a pretty nice setup you have there. Great job.