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    SWG Run Time Calculator

    Great calculator!!!! However now I am scratching my head. Installed the Jandy SWG last month. According to the calc, if my 24hr FC demand is 2.0 and I want to run my pump 24 hrs per day, I should set at 23% (in most cases). Is that right? Thanks
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    Replacement cell for Jandy Aquapure 1400

    Great find! I just had my SWG installed but when I need a new cell, will check this out for sure.
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    Model - Jandy SHPM 2.5 replacement options - Intelliflow or Jandy VS

    I just changed out my Hayward single speed with a Jandy VSP to work with my new iAqualink and AquaPure. I have only used for a couple of days but what a world of difference. Should have done a long time ago. No experience with IntelliFlo but have only heard rave reviews.
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    Running Low RPMs on VSP / Issues with Skimming?

    You nailed it. Weir door was stuck all the way down. Fixed and added a small stone to the basket. Works like a champ! Please bill my account for the service call.
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    Running Low RPMs on VSP / Issues with Skimming?

    Thanks for the good feedback. Will make some adjustments on my end.
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    Running Low RPMs on VSP / Issues with Skimming?

    I just installed some new pool equipment. Really like what has been done and the performance so far. My question is: I have seen pool owners post that they run their VSP's under 2500 RPMs. Under 2000 RPMs. And even lower. Do you have issues with the skimmer collecting as well as it should? I...
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    DE Filter Outlet Leak / Fix?

    After the completion of my new Jandy VSP, I noticed I have a slow leak (drips once every 10 seconds) at the outlet port on my Jandy DE filter, where it connects to the multi-port valve. I have attached a picture of the area. Is there an epoxy or some other product I can apply to seal it? I...
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    Jandy iAqualink 2.0 Configuration (with VS Pump)

    I previously went the route of raspberry pi running the aqualinkD software. Worked well but not always reliable (user error I am sure). what you just mentioned is Greek to me...
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    Jandy iAqualink 2.0 Configuration (with VS Pump)

    Thanks for responding @Jimrahbe @setsailsoon I think a good route then is to get the Pentair IntelliFlo 011028 and the CiruPool RJ-30 Plus and install myself. I can skip the iAqualink 2.0 this season and see how the programming/scheduling/auto runs this year. If I need more automation I can get...
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    Jandy iAqualink 2.0 Configuration (with VS Pump)

    Thanks to everyone for all the great information. Using what you have posted and some product information, I am course correcting… Going to go with the Pentair IntelliFlo VS pump. Looks like it has all the features I need plus I can program schedules for the pump to run to addressing the...
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    Jandy iAqualink 2.0 Configuration (with VS Pump)

    I decided to move forward with this replacement job (automation, pump, and SWG). The only thing I am replacing myself is the iAqualink IQ20-RS. I can purchase for $799 and willing to bite the bullet. However... My first Pool Company gave me a quote to replacement the existing 2HP single speed...
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    Jandy iAqualink 2.0 Configuration (with VS Pump)

    Thanks for the response. I am really leaning towards the iAqualink as I already the Jandy Aqualink panel and should only be a $799 replacement. And the process should be straightforward. I think the Pentair Intellicenter overall would be more expensive and a larger job to swap out... Actually...
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    Jandy iAqualink 2.0 Configuration (with VS Pump)

    So after a year of using a Raspberry Pi 3 for some pool automation (pump, cleaner, heater, spa bubbles, and lights), decided to buy an OEM product to avoid the issues my family was having. The Pi worked well most of the time but when it didn't, I heard about it but was never close enough to...
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    Advice on new Gas Heater Pentair, Hayward, Other?

    Chiming in late.... I love the Raypak heaters, currently own a 406A natural gas unit. Easy to use, fires up within 5-10 seconds and gets to temp quick. I do not know much about the LOW-NOX systems sorry. However a general note of caution. My first Raypak was installed back in 2006. Worked great...
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    Raypak 406A 7 Pin Remote Plug/Cable

    I was afraid of that. I sent an email to Raypak this morning and will monitor the ebay posting in case things go south. Thanks!