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    New AZ Pool / Spa Build

    We're in the process of bidding out a backyard in the Phoenix metro. I've been a pool owner using TFP since 2006 up north, but our pools up here are built different than down south. We are building both a pool and spa. Spa will spillover into the pool, and they will share equipment. Pool /...
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    Anybody cleaned the dolphins cord

    Not only does mine feel sticky, I constantly have pieces of rubber on my hands when I pull it out of the water. I'm meticulous about anything on the bottom of my pool - I feel like I can see buildup from the cord in the corner of the pool. Cord was replaced at the start of last pool season...
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    Can anyone identify this trim cap?

    I tried Inyo pools again, and they still haven't been able to come up with anything. Here's to hoping someone on here can either identify the ladder or the channel to point us in the right direction. Here's a picture of the ladder and a picture of the channel. Ladder: Side with all trim...
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    Can anyone identify this trim cap?

    Same here. Every time someone comes over, it falls out, and then a kid will walk up to me and say "I found this in the bottom of the pool. Do you need this?". If it's not a kid, then I find it when I clean out the filters on the robot. I figure it's probably a $3 part, so I should just order...
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    Can anyone identify this trim cap?

    That's actually where I started before I posted the thread, and over chat they didn't seem to have any idea what I was talking about. Maybe I need to send them a picture. Did you find a replacement for yours?
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    Identifying leak in wall of ig liner

    There are less time consuming ways, but you need equipment to do it. Leaktronics makes some equipment that can do this but it's not cheap. You could go on the leaktronics website and use their map to see who in your area has bought equipment and try to find someone that has the electronics. If...
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    Just installed new Controlomatic Smarter Spa, many questions!

    Same here, just over a year, and no issues.
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    Can anyone identify this trim cap?

    We have a steel-walled, vinyl-lined inground pool, with a recessed ladder in the deep end. The ladder has trim going up both sides (that I assume cover the screws that hold it into the wall). At the top of the trim, there's a little white cap, and the prongs that hold the cap into the trim...
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