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    Deciding on a Builder for new Construction

    Search for the companies on Reddit, here, Yelp and a few pages deep on Google. Wish Yelp reviews had been posted on Cantera Pools before we signed the contract. Turns out the small local company that's been in business for years is really a full-time firefighter who builds pools as a hobby...
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    Pool smells like chlorine

    There are far wiser folks who will advise on chemistry, but I thought you might find this video about chlorine smell entertaining.
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    Hello from a Texas

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    Whose pool took the longest to build? -- day 406 and still waiting on Cantera Pools

    I've heard some Aggie jokes, but never really understand them. ;) Yes, we've been able to swim in the pool since a little after it was filled back in May, on day 334 of construction. And yes, we will owe them a final payment, once they eventually finish and no matters are pending. By the...
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    Whose pool took the longest to build? -- day 406 and still waiting on Cantera Pools

    Today marks day 406 since the hole was dug and it's been 4 weeks since Cantera Pools has been out here to finish up the final things. The concrete guy did come out to fill some decking cracks, but I contacted him and set up the repair. We're still waiting on: - ScreenLogic 2 -- to replace a...
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    Rain water to lower CH -- pros and cons

    JUST after I clicked to post, it started raining. It started light, then picked up. Right now it's medium-heavy and it's easily coming out at 5 gallons per minute x 2 pipes. And we didn't have rain in the forecast and already have 1/2" of rainfall. Tomorrow, it is supposed to rain, so I'll...
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    Rain water to lower CH -- pros and cons

    Here's my connector. It's a short flex-a-spout to easily put on the gutter, a PVC connector and a hose clamp. We have PVC left over from fixing the irrigation system after the pool dig. I thought I had replied before, but must have stopped before posting. We have an overflow pipe, so the...
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    Rain water to lower CH -- pros and cons

    I'm considering using rain water to lower our CH and I'm looking for pros/cons. Our pool CH is 375 and fill water is 150. I'm watching pH closely to prevent scaling but would like to keep the CH nice and low. As I drank coffee and watched the water flow out the downspouts this morning, I...
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    I think I need a manual spa vacuum cleaner, any recommendations?

    Howdy! Is your shop vac a wet/dry vac? Could you use it in wet vac mode and suck up the dirt, without draining the fountain? Then let the debris settle and just pour the clean(ish) water back into the fountain. Not sure this method would be much faster, but it might save the water.
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    Help Scheduling Spillway on Easytouch

    My 5 PM test worked... the valve switched to spa, the pump started and water is spilling over. Initially, I thought "Spillway" would run the valves and the pump, and it kind of does, but I had to go into the pump settings and create a new pump speed, named Spillway. --------------- I'm...
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    Help Scheduling Spillway on Easytouch

    My pump was programmed with speeds for Pool and Spa mode. I created a speed for Spillway. I'll find out at 5 PM (next scheduled time) if that worked, or if someone replies sooner and tells me a different way.
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    Help Scheduling Spillway on Easytouch

    Please help me schedule my Easytouch 8 with Pentair variable speed pump and spa spillway. I want to run the pump every few hours for an hour at a time, rather than continually for a block of time. For example, 1 AM, 5 AM, 9 AM, 1 PM, 5 PM, 9 PM. I know how to do that. Then I will add the...
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    Keeping Pool Cool?

    Our water up in Boerne is about 83 degrees. I'll put some in some milk jugs and drive them down to you and trade you for some 90 degree water. :cool:
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    Howdy from Boerne, Texas

    Polaris Black Max, with 3/4 hp booster pump for a few hours every AM, if it's a "normal" day, although we just plastered 32 days ago, so I've only used it for a few days. It picks up leaves and dirt (little flagstone pieces that are still breaking off) from the bottom. We've had a night or two...