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    Pool Permitting: Window Latches/ Door Alarms (already searched the forum)

    Thats what I was thinking jam jam.
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    It’s happening...

    If it bothers you, you can shut it off at the meter. Without seeing your house/pool layout can't say for 100 percent certainty but if this is a common build, you shouldn't have any utilities it the yard where a pool would go. Have ever, when the trench for the plumbing run, they should be more...
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    Recommended Pool & Door alarms

    Pool guard was the only ones that would meet the requirement that I could find. Bought on Amazon and returned after inspection. Not suggesting you do that. :unsure:
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    Pool Permitting: Window Latches/ Door Alarms (already searched the forum)

    Is there a way to disable the windows so they won't open? Then re-able after inspection?
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    Pool Newbie - another one!

    Calling is always a good idea (I think). At least they can mark it in the account and you won't get flagged for a possible leak.
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    Is there an automation system that can change speeds of a VS pump while running solar

    As mentioned early on the post, are those with intelliflo using the flow function or rpm to set their speeds? Maybe that is the trick. I have solar panels and use the flow function. I use 5 GPM per panel to set the solar speed. I can hear the pump change RPMs then settle down. It might be...
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    Pool Newbie - another one!

    Have you called your water district to get an estimate? I believe to fill my pool is about $150 but I may get a cheaper ranch rate. Much cheaper than Lesilie's potions. Soon you will have your pool under control and will see how simple and in-expensive it can be. Start swimming! It's 100 today!
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    Circuit breaker

    Is it a GFCI breaker? If so they don't appear to last long. Myself and others have had problems with them and need replacing every few years. Some times a regular breaker will go bad too. Just a thought. Maybe start with swapping the breaker out.
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    Problems with Pool just resurfaced with Stonescapes mini pebble Caribbean blue

    Did you ever get a resolution through NPT? Not an expert and see your last post other than today was almost 2 months ago. It looks the mix was light on the pebble, heavy on the plaster. My understanding is NPT will send someone out to do an evaluation in a dispute. Not sure how you would get...
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    The LED color lights are pricey and if you want low voltage then you need a transformer. It isn't much. $100 transformer should do it. I'm on the more lights the better stand point since it would be a real pain in the you know what if you turn your pool on and decide it is too dark and want...
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    Pushy relatives

    Stuck at home in the summer with a pool. #winning.
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    Light niche bonding (pics)

    Second what JamesW said. The more bonds the better. I know my Inspector would not pass it if the light niche is not bonded or grounded. 12 Volt or not. If it has a lug it should be bonded/grounded. Perhaps they insist on the ground because someone in the future good potentially swap out the...
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    Bad install? Glass tile and coping

    I read final inspection to mean final building inspection with your municipality. I could also see how you can read it to mean final review of work done. Anyway he appears to be more than difficult. I would try talking to him and go over the line items in the contract that are in question...
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    Bad install? Glass tile and coping

    Not that I'm backing your PB, but in CA, plaster is done after final inspection. Safety features if it relates to the final inspection will need to be operation or it will not pass. After all inspections pass you can plaster and fill.