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    Remington ionizer vs PoolRX

    I recently replastered my pool in a dark blue color. In previous years I fought with algae each season. I'd like to try something new. is there a recommendation on using an ionizer vs PoolRX? Which is less risky.
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    Can I save this diverter valve?

    Thanks. I'll go check plumbing supply stores here in Dallas. After the storm last months inventory has been tight....
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    Can I save this diverter valve?

    Thanks. I think it may have been a Hayward, but the outside does measure 2 1/2. Unifrtunutale local Lowes and HD dorn't have any 2 1/2 fittings. I found a 3" only. Can you kindly share a link to the Hub Saver tool? never heard of that....
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    Can I save this diverter valve?

    someone stepped on my pipes and broke check valves.... I've cut away the broken ones. There is a remaining diverter valve which isn't broken, but has a 2" pipe inside (where I cut off). Is there any way to save this diverter valve? either by: 1. remove the two inches of the 2" pipe hat is glued...
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    Water level on Spa (attached to pool) drops when not used

    Our spa/pool was recently remodeled. Full pressure test done before it started. Two of the spa jets were leaky and fixed. The pool equipment and pool itself sits lower than the Spa, so gravity tends to flow water back towards equipment. When the pump is running the water flows up thru fountain...
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    Need help picking a heater

    I have a pool + spa and live in Texas where we keep our pool filled all year. My original Hayward heater has rusted, and would rather replace than repair. Can someone suggest a starting point to figure out which heater to buy? I'm leaning towards a 400K BTU Pentair, but the different metal...
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    Replastered the lights won't screw into niches

    the Tap set did the trick. Thanks! Used new screws that match the set. Now, however I may have a bigger problem. On one of the niche's the top screw (12 o'clock) fits fine, but the hook on bottom (6 o'clock) doesn't latch on. It may be because new plaster is on top of old plaster so now 1/4...
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    Replastered the lights won't screw into niches

    The palaster folks are outside trying to figure this out...but maybe TFP will be faster :) My pool was replastered. The Hayward lights were pulled out of their niche and left on surface. Now that paster is done it seems like there is debris in the threaded screw hole of niche preventing the...
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    I need help designing a heater bypass

    My heater is broken and leaking. I'd like to re-plumb and put a diverter valve so I can bypass the broken heater and allow me to continue to run the pump until a new heater is installed. Below is a picture of my plumbing. Can I get some advice on what parts to order and the easiest way to...
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    New color lights: Pentair Intellibrite vs J&J XG vs. Florida Sunseeker?

    Thanks, that's helpful. My previous lights were hayward incandescent and I think they were fine. They are 15 years old and since I'm remodelling I think it's worth going brand new and not try to retrofit such old hardware. I've ruled out Pentair because of the reliability and poor warranty...
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    New color lights: Pentair Intellibrite vs J&J XG vs. Florida Sunseeker?

    my concern is that the product seems only sold by Florida Sunseeker. If they go out of business, I'm lost.
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    New color lights: Pentair Intellibrite vs J&J XG vs. Florida Sunseeker?

    I need to replace 3 lights in my pool so this is a big investment. I've seen all 3 discussed in these forums. Pentair seems most popular, but least reliable. The florida Sunseeker product is generic but seems to work well. Can someone help me decide?