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    Sealing fiberglass panels on hybrid

    I have a question. Did you paint with epoxy paint over your entire fibreglass panels including the seams? I am about to do this on my pool and I am curious if there is any troubles?
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    What sealant to use for leaking hybrid pool?

    Thank you for your reply. I did end up stripping the caulking and replacing it with Vulcan 45 . It is a self leveling caulk . I also used Vulcan 116 on the vertical seams between the fibreglass panels as well and I am going to paint over the entire pool with a high build epoxy . Did you by...
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    What sealant to use for leaking hybrid pool?

    Split from fiberglass and plaster leaking at the seam Hello. I realize this is a very old forum . But I am in the middle of renovating my hybrid pool. I am trying to tackle all the leaks and I have this exact question. Using this exact product . Did it work well for you? I am wondering if I...