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    Mustard Algae?

    Any kind of algae will cause what looks like a layer of dust. It is probably dead algae that is falling to the bottom after you increase the FC. Without SLAMming, it's not completely dying off, so it grows in the water, then more dies and falls when you add chlorine again. Since it's reddish, it...
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    What chemical level to adjust first?

    Add CYA in a sock either in front of a return or in the skimmer basket. Don't sweat the pH. It's low, but it will likely creep up by itself in an SWG pool. I recommend leaving the TA alone, too. It will cause the pH to creep up faster, and as you add acid to keep the pH from hitting 8.0...
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    Mustard Algae?

    When you say it "sounds exactly like mustard algae", could you describe what you are seeing that matches mustard algae behavior/characteristics? I would start with the assumption that you have plain ole algae and SLAM...
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    I have the new K-2006 and I failed pool chemistry

    Yes, get the FC and CYA close, and then move to the salt system.
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    I have the new K-2006 and I failed pool chemistry

    First, add liquid chlorine to get FC up to 4 (use poolmath to see the quantity). Wait an hour with the filter running, and test chlorine again. Add more if you need to. Keep doing this until you hit an FC of at least 4. Since you already added CYA, I recommend you don't touch the tabs. The CYA...
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    33x18" above ground pool is now an aquarium - please help

    Either the Taylor K-2006C (you can find it on Amazon) or the TF-100 which is sold by this site's owner here: See: for a comparison of different kits with the needed tests.
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    33x18" above ground pool is now an aquarium - please help

    I would refill and use chemicals because the pool and liner are using the water to stay stable and in place. You could be inviting new problems if you drain it all the way. Chlorine will get it clean. You'll need to do something called SLAM, and you'll need a high-quality test kit to be able to...
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    Is some algae to be expected?

    I think your theory about lack of circulation is correct. The FC can drop in nooks and crannies as it fights an algae growth attempt. If the water does not circulate to add chlorine-filled water, the algae will win and grow in those low circulation areas. How much to worry about it is an...
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    Where to start

    Hey, how are you doing? What are your latest numbers?
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    Help Recovering Pool's Chemistry

    I don't know about vacuuming when the skimmers are dry. Go ahead and refill and retest the water. Get it balanced, and then worry about vacuuming.
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    About to be first time (new to me) pool owner

    Yay! on the manageable CYA level. That large a drop in FC with CYA at 50 seems really strange. I would SLAM; the chlorine is reacting with something. Is CC at 0 first thing in the morning before the sun hits the water?
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    Draining Pool — Backwash or Pump?

    Re: 3 questions oving Forward WIth Newly Filled/Balanced Pool In the winter, your chlorine consumption will be much lower, even with the sunny days. You will need to add some, but not nearly the rate you use in summer. You'll probably want CYA at 50 with the long sunny days you have there...
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    Water test results of almost new pool

    I trust your results more than the pool store's. Even if their test is accurate, the chlorine test is time-sensitive; 15 minutes is too long to wait before testing it to get a reliable reading. Re-test and see if CC is still running above 0.5. If it is, the chlorine is interacting with...
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    Saltwater woes!!! Newbie trying to figure this out. Please advise.

    Yay! Clear is subjective, and you will get a much better feel for it the longer you keep your water in balance and see what it's supposed to look like. You can use the pool even while the water is cloudy as long as you can see swimmers all the way to the bottom. Cloudiness is not a health issue...