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    AGP how long last? How big to go?

    Thank you all for advice. If pool is taken care of how long can i expect it to last? I know there are many variables. Just curious of ball park numbers.
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    Back wash frequency

    Yes needle drops when shut off. Yes pressure gauge on pump. Used about 2 hours a day max. Just my wife or my self playing with our daughter in it. One of us watches our son inside.
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    AGP how long last? How big to go?

    We want to put in a big above ground pool next year. Our kids 5 and 1. Do we go big as we can? Or smaller pool while kids are small. In about 8 years go big. My wife wants 15 x 30 foot oval pool. Which is about as big of foot print we can go including couple feet around to set up. Im considering...
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    Back wash frequency

    I have been running my pump for about 8 to 10 hours daily for a week. Pressure has not change. Stay 5 psi. Is it neccasary to back wash? Should i wait for pressure change? Or just routinely every week. Back wash Rinse Filter Pump is 10 inch intex krystal clear pump. 1050gph Roughly 1200 gallon...
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    Noob test results. Could use advice

    Fc 2 Cc 1 Ta 110 Cya 30 " multiple test add little more to tube down to 28 losing black dot" Ph 7.8 Ran out of time and not get calcium hard test. Bought test kit forum recommend. Small pool 10'x30" filled to about 26". Roughly 1200 gallons. 82 dergree in morning to 90 evening. Clear water...
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    Sand bottom of pool

    Have intex krystal clear pump 10". Ran pump for about 10 hours total. 8 hours today and 2 hours yesterday. Notice small amount of sand floor of pool around the return. 5 psi pump pressure since new yesterday. Water is clear. Chemical test all normal. Running pool 3 days. First two days stock...
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    Intex krystal clear sand filter pump 10"

    Thank you all for your replys. Yes 3/4 full based off fill line provided.
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    Intex krystal clear sand filter pump 10"

    I ordered a intex krystal clear sand filter pump 10" for our 10'x30" intext metal frame pool. I got it running today. Im concerned most of amazon reviews say used 75lbs of sand. I bought filter sand today at pool store two 50lb bags at $13 each. Couldn't find size of sand on bag. But only used...
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    Ground edge around pool

    What can i put around edge of intex metal frame pool? I dont want anything to hard to clean up. Because i will remove all at end of season to prep for big above ground pool for next year. We just recently installed small 10'x30" intex pool for our 5 year old daughter. I had to escavate area...
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    1.5 inch T-joint connector??

    Following. I will be in the same boat when all my pool stuff comes in.
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    Considering a seasonal intex pool

    My wife and i are reseaching and considering buying intex pool. We have a level spot where a large pool use to be in our back yard. I would like to purchase most of what i need online to get started and if i have to go to local pool supplies to get pther items that is fine. List: Intex metal...
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    New guy from ky

    Got this site from another member. Multiple members suggested this site. I dont have a pool. My wife and i are very interested in having above ground pool. We have plans to do a small 10' x 30'' intex pool for our 5 year old daughter and 18 month old son. The idea is to start small and learn...