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    Summer waves/ intex fitting to pvc

    Im sure most of you all ready know this but ill post anyways because i was excited to find something that works. I have a summer waves pool with side skimmer and intex sand filter pump. I was trying to find a way to change out the return jet because the summer waves jet is badically 1.25. My...
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    Clear transperent small stuff floating in pool

    Just to follow up. I ordered socks for strainer. This help. First 2 days socks had yellow tent. Like pollen on them. I know use the socks all the time. It looks alot better. Still some small stuff. But when kids swim its pretty much gone. I added a new water return jet today try splash water...
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    Another noob. Help test results

    Thank you all. Raise fc level? Add chrolene? Im using test kit from this site. Tfs 100 i beleve all have to look at kit again correct model. Plastic bins with all kinds of different test with easy instructions for all.
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    Another noob. Help test results

    I tested cya 3 times. Losing black dot around 40. Fc test. I got 6 drops to go clear on two test. First test 10 drops but doing 2 drops and swirling. I daily check chroline and ph. Ph hardly ever moves stays about 7.2 to 7.5. Chrolene is about 2 or 3 on the yellow 5 drop test. I add about 4 oz...
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    Another noob. Help test results

    Concered did the cc test. Did not go back to pink.
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    Another noob. Help test results

    Sorry. Posting quick. Making sure stuff floating im my pool is not algae I use liquid chroline.
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    Another noob. Help test results

    Cya 40 Fc 2.5 Cc 0 Ph 7.5 Cl which i though i was testing chroline is 3. Makes br 6?
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    Summer waves side skimmer vaccum?

    Thank you I actually firgured out. I remove the flap (not sure proper term) that allows water from pool to skimmer This allows me to keep strainer basket in and get good seal vaccum attachment. Done vaccum re install flap.
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    Clear transperent small stuff floating in pool

    What can be small transparent that floats top of pool Disappears when move water around. Once in pool swimming all of it pretty much gone. Above ground pool 14'x42" 10 inch intex sand filter pump Chemicals are good. Cya 40 Ph 7.5 Chrolene stays about 3 to 4. 3 in the morning i add liquid...
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    Plumbing thread pitches?

    I have a summer waves pool. Very simular to intex pool. I read some where that intex have special thread that doesnt match up but only to intex parts. Is this true about summer waves pool as well? If not how do i determine thread so that i can order a different return jet for my pool. I called...
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    How do i increase outlet flow?

    Sunner waves pool. Intex 10 inch sand filter. 1.5" plumbing. Pump pressure at 5. In green Are there attachments i can change out so that i can tighten the flow and get more jet out of outlet valve? Currently 90 flow that screws on inside of pool. My intex pool outlet valve had smaller opening...
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    Summer waves side skimmer vaccum?

    i have a summer waves pool with the side skimmer. i have 10 inch intex sand filter pump. i have the vaccum attachment and running hose good suction. how do i install the skimmer basket so that things i vaccum dont go to pump. the skimmer basket that comes with pool doesnt allow me to install...
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    Availability of Intex Pools (COVID-19 impact)

    Its been crazy were i live. We had plans to buy 15 x 48. No luck due to covid. So started looking on marketplace people are over pricing the Crud out of them. My wife lucky found summer waves 14 x 42 at walmart. $220 Same pool some guy on Market place wants $700 for. I ask him if it was the same...
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    Chlorine stablizer delivery method

    So last year forum members told me to use sock and put stablizer in it and occasionally squeeze out. Today i was inpatient just dump in. I push around with brush. What are the consequences for stablizer sitting at the bottom of pool not dissolving? Thank you