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    Main pump and booster pump on one timer

    I have a customer who has both a VS pump and a Polaris booster pump connected to an Intermatic P135ME timer. She has removed the Polaris cleaner from her system in favor of a robot. Now that she's removed the cleaner, she says when she tries to run her system, the booster pump "sounds like it's...
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    Customer's Pentair 320 drains when pump is off then doesn't refill

    My customer has a Pentair 320 inline chlorinator. It drains of water when the pump cuts off, and doesn't refill when the pump is turned on unless you open the lid. Am I correct in thinking there could be 2 issues? 1: the O-ring in the lid could need replacing 2: the check valve needs...
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    Customer's pool has poor circulation. I think her pump motor is undersized.

    The owner would like use of all the features she paid for. Why would I argue with that?
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    Customer's pool has poor circulation. I think her pump motor is undersized.

    So, my customer has about a 35000 gallon 20x40 inground with 10-12 total returns. Last year she replaced her liner and they also replaced the pump motor. The filter is a Hayward s244t sand filter, the pump is a Hayward Super Pump, and the replacement motor is 1hp. The pool has 2 skimmers and no...
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    Low flow from returns, alot of air

    I have replaced the pump lid O-ring. Didn't help
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    Low flow from returns, alot of air

    This is a customer's pool. There is very little flow from their returns, but there is a ton of air from them. They have a Hayward Super Pump 1. Water is very turbulent in the pump basket. When I use a water hose to apply water at the front of the pump where the suction pipe attaches, the...
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    White cloud coming from SKIMMER

    FC 0 CC 0 pH 7.3 Alk over 200 This is a customer's pool. 20x40 liner with 2 skimmers. Hayward sand filter. Hayward 2 HP Super Pump. Hayward SWG. Originally I saw the cloud coming from the return farthest from the pump/filter as well as the farthest skimmer, but none coming from the closer...
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    Recently started a pool service. Question about vacuuming liner pools

    What would modifying the head involve? I can't picture it
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    Recently started a pool service. Question about vacuuming liner pools

    More specifically, I bought an above ground pool pump. It's a Blue Wave 1 HP pump. I bought adapters so that I could plug a short vacuum hose to the discharge side, and a vacuum hose to the intake side. The intake side will have a vacuum head attached to it, while the discharge side is just to...
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    Starting pool service and number 1 question is "Do you service above ground pools?" Why?

    So, yeah. Just starting a pool service business and that's 90% of the questions I get. This leads me to believe nobody services above ground pools. Is that true? If so, why? What is the difference and why do cleaners shy away from them?
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    What's the final word on the quikrete sand?

    Several threads have pooped on it, but it looks like it was determined they had a quality control issue for a little while that was causing problems with sand size. Has that been resolved, or is it still an issue?
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    Hayward s220t filter issues?

    FC 18 CC .5 CYA 40 pH 7.6 Alk 130 The manual says this filter should be filled with sand to about 6" from the top. I'm in the process of Slamming, and there doesn't seem to be any difference in clarity since saturday. I'm deep cleaning my sand right now, and its only filled to about 12" from...
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    Air bubbles coming from returns. Cause of slow clearing?

    FC 18.5 CC 0 CYA 35 pH 7.5 Alk 150 A few weeks ago I was backwashing and forgot about it for several hours. Came home to pump running with no water. Now I'm getting bubbles from my returns. When I turn off the pump, water spits at me from 2 cracks in the strainer basket lid, top dead center. I...
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    Feel like I'm spinning my wheels here

    FC 16 CC .5 pH 7.5 CYA 50 Alk 150 Started trying to get my pool blue again last week. Been brushing the pool surface every evening and putting in 2-3 gals bleach to keep it at 16. Every day when I get home from work the water is mostly blue, but extremely cloudy. I know there is pine straw and...