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    Industry moving toward CYA at or below 50 ppm

    Is Richard (chemgeek) still around?
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    Does TFTestkits ship to Canada?

    Yes, you should be fine. They're "Consumer Products". WHMIS (hazmat labeling) and MSDS requirements do not apply to Consumer Products. "Controlled products that are packaged as consumer products and in quantities used by the general public are exempt from WHMIS supplier label and MSDS...
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    Availibility of Taylor reagents in Canada

    Hi Deena, I've retired from Apollo Pools back in late September. I have a full time job in another industry and Apollo was more of a "part time" business, and it was taking more and more time away from family. I think service was suffering a bit because of this lack of time, I was only able...
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    Taylor 2006 Kit does not come with a Dipper?

    May have jumped off the container while in transit. Look for it in the other compartments, may even be hiding inside the book.
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    New borate drop test at piscines-apollo vs. test strip

    Nope - just can't ship to the USA, due to high cost of liability insurance.
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    where to buy 5/6 way test kit in canada?

    Sorry that's incorrect - Lowry & Associates in Newmarket, Ontario is the exclusive distributor for Canada, not So it's a Taylor agreement between themselves and Lowry. Has nothing to do with provincial or federal governments, these kits are considered "consumer products"...
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    Chlorinator Residue

    Got it, it's from the book "Pool Chlorination Facts" by Lowry, seems that manufacturers mixed stearates in with the trichlor to make their tabletting equipment run faster. Stearates are a wax-like substance that are not soluble in water. Some manufacturers may still use them but most have...
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    Chlorinator Residue

    It's looks like the binding agent they use when manufacturing (compressing) trichlor pucks. Stearic acid if I recall, so the stuff doesn't stick to the moulds while they're compressed into pucks. Let me find the reference in my books somewhere, I'll write back. If I recall they recommended...
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    R-0600 reagent

    What size are you looking for? 22 mL or 60 mL?
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    Test kits in Canada...and a water question about balancing..

    Re: Test kits in Canada I thought it may have had something to do with WHMIS labeling also.
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    Test kits in Canada...and a water question about balancing..

    Re: Test kits in Canada No that's incorrect. Piscines Apollo does not have the sole distributor rights for Taylor in Canada, Lowry and Associates are the master distributors for Canada. Ask the TFP guys why they are prevented from selling to Canada. I don't think it has to do entirely with...
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    Comparing Chlorine Costs

    For any Canadians reading this, Costco has "HTH Max 70" cal-hypo, 70% concentration, a 22,7 kg bucket for 69,99CDN$, it's a great deal, works out to 0,0440$ per ppm (for 10 000 liters)
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    Chemical Expiry Question - Salt Test

    The silver nitrate you're adding dropwise is reacting with the sodium chloride (salt) and produces an insoluble precipitate of silver chloride. What you're seeing is normal.
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    Obtaining Borate drop test reagents

    Liability insurance. We're working on it.
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    CYA test for lower values...

    You can mix 3.5 mL water sample with 3.5 mL of CYA Standard Solution then proceed with the test (ie add your 7 mL R-0013). If you read 30 ppm on the view tube then there's actually 10 ppm in the pool water. What you're basically doing with this method is diluting a known standard.