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    SWG and Pump synchronization

    While I'm waiting for my measurement kits, on Saturday I added 5 bags (25 kg each bag) of pool salt. Waited 24h to dissolve, started the pump and swg on Sunday night. Output on the Led was 30%. Kept the pump and swg running until today (tuesday morning), checked the SWG, output was 0% led with...
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    SWG and Pump synchronization

    I also have a Ph Doser (came with the SWG together) but I've got a small tester which only measures pH and Cl (mg/l) Tested in the morning Ph was always between 7.2-7.4 and CL was between 1.5-3. At 18:00 PM Cl value always decreased at 0.6. I turn my pump and SWG over the night (running from...
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    SWG and Pump synchronization

    Ok, I just ordered some Easy-Dip salt (nacl) strips 0-8000 ppm. I will measure it and come back with results.
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    Hello . New pool boy in town

    Hello, I am a guy from Romania and a happy owner of a new pool in my backyard. I googled a lots of topics about SWGs and this is how I found u guys. Already have a topic about SWG (some of my stupid questions XD )
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    SWG and Pump synchronization

    Hello guys. I recently built a pool (not me) and the constructor installed me a SWG (this model Elettrolisi del sale Autochlor RP-PH fino a 75 mc acqua) My question is : I run my pump like 10 hrs per day, when the pump shuts down (I have a smart programmed electrical socket) should I also shut...