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    Help with levels salt water pool

    The dot never disappeared even with the thing filled to the top thats what i was attempting to show
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    Help with levels salt water pool

    I didn't do a full test because these are the only results i am needing, everything else was okay my cya didnt register at all picture above shows its full to the line and the dot is still in the bottom PH looks to be 7.2 Chlorine its in the 1 2 box it appears to me anyways i did post a photo...
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    Help with levels salt water pool

    *salt water pool *I broke down and went to a pool store for water testing, they gave me my results and a plan of what was needed,how much and when (the paper work looks like a start up but we are just adjusting levels we have been running since late may) 8lbs of alkalinity, 8lbs of calcium, 4lbs...
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    Help Is this mustard algae?

    These are from the strip tests 2 different kinds
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