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    What's up with this Chlorine?

    I might not have been clear. I did do the FAS-DPD but one scoop turn clear almost instantly. I'm going to change some water and not change the chlorination as the MIL is building a new home just down the block from us. She'll be selling this house.
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    What's up with this Chlorine?

    This test is from my MIL's pool, not mine. Last summer she had to fire her pool service as the CYA had reached a level so high that the weekly shocking seemed to do nothing. I drained half the water and replaced. That got everything back to normal. My MIL has been keeping up with the maintenance...
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    Please help, having dispute with pool builder and I need a neutrall opinion.

    I'm not a structural engineer but I'm in agreement that the wall is needed. The reality is you're in a bad place. The builder has the upper hand. He's already profited from the work performed and has , or can, file a lien on your property. If you sue him, he's likely to disappear and open up...
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    Acid dispenser

    Holding off for the first year is certainly acceptable. There is a learning curve with a new pool and many people tire of pool maintenance quickly, therefore, hire a service. Personally, I enjoy taking care of the pool. As mention, the first year your pool is going to require a lot of acid. I...
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    Second day of guniting. Are these practices the norm?

    The Op is complaining that the excess gunite was tossed into the void created by the skidsteer ramp. I'd say it's pretty standard behavior. Otherwise other fill material would have to brought in.
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    New pool specs...any tips appreciated

    Skip the salt since your using stone. You can easily add a liquid chlorine dispenser later
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    From installation to SLAM and beyond (previously Future Pool Location)

    Re: Future pool location photo That's not Chrisman TEXAS, is it? If so, my Dad use to live there.
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    Water line tile...where to shop?

    Taste is such a personal thing. And pool styles go in and out of fashion. That being said, I like your first choice. It's bold. We bought our tile from Noble Tile. They had a small showroom near our house. We copied this look for our pool/overflow. It goes with the mexican hacienda style of the...
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    What Does My Budget Buy?

    Hey, user_namea You builder consultant wouldn't be Noe? Would it? If so, he was very helpful with my pool build. Saved me $$$$$
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    Has anyone tried to find the subs to do a pool on their own?

    I might a couple subs listed in my pool build thread. Vendors like Noble tile can give you recommendations for tile/coping and decking. A couple of the gunite companies in the area will work with owner/builders. Azteca will give you a lifetime warranty on the shell if you use them for the dig...
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    Finally my DIY pool in Gonzales, Louisiana

    :handwave::-P Me too. Build is in my sig
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    Finally my DIY pool in Gonzales, Louisiana

    Just remember, a pool builder has most of his money after gunite. There isn't as much incentive to move quickly. It's more important to get the next pool to gunite stage.
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    Houston, we got Pool

    It pretty normal, around here, for the cleanup guy at gunite time ,to scoop up the leftover gunite and make a pad out of it.
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    Going to bid and would like your help

    How is the tree situation in your neighborhood? We live in a older (relative) area with large tall trees. I'm fortunate as they are on the neighbors lots and not mine. I'm able to keep our pool spotless with weekly use of a robotic cleaner. I put him in and take him out a couple hours later. My...
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    New pool in Tucson

    Funny thing, I have my Easytouch programmed to bring on the pool lights (LED) at dusk. So most of the time I don't see the glow tiles. There are times we go without lights and they are very cool but they don't put out enough light to see at a distance. For that reason, you might have to cluster...