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    New Pool Owners-- proper way to vacuum?

    If your pool is overfilled, like after a storm, you can vacuum to waste and kill two birds with one stone. Otherwise, I vacuum to filter and empty the pump basket right after.
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    Heatin' up

    Captain's Blood. Gosling's, rose's, bitters, club soda
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    Heatin' up

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    New pool owner: Tested my water with TF-100 kit. Please Help

    I would bring your FC up to slam level for your tested CYA with liquid chlorine (bleach or liquid shock ) and hold it there for 24 hours and then see if you can pass the OCLT test as your first goal.
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    Frustrated! Green water won't budge

    I have found that if u keep up the slam for 3-4 days with your pump on recirc, then vacuum to waste before switching to filtering produces the quickest results with the least amount of filter backwashing. YMMV.
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    Liquid Stabilizer vs Dry

    Paying for extra convenience when you want to is what disposable income is for!
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    CYA Adjustment Necessary..??

    I have a friend with a new plaster build last year.. he buys his MA by the case!
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    Liquid Stabilizer vs Dry

    The only thing liquid CYA is bad for is your wallet. :deal:
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    Raypak 156 natural gas heater issue wit lcd

    Yup .. turning it off and on a couple times usually helps. I suspect eventually I will have to replace my control board.
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    CYA Disappearing Act

    Happens to me every. single. year. When I open, 0 CYA. Mesh cover. Just one of the joys of SE Pennsylvania I guess.