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    Pool Deck Concrete - Sealant?

    After 10 years, my basic concrete deck is looking rough. I need to powerwash it, but every time I do that it seems it leaves the surface sandy. Is there a sealant that you recommend for concrete? Thanks!
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    Plaster Patching Underwater?

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    Plaster Patching Underwater?

    Hi all - I have a spot in my shallow end about the size of a credit card where plaster has broken off...resulting in a ditch around 1/2 inch deep. I know I can patch it dry, but I would like to patch it underwater if possible. Any ideas?
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    How often do you adjust pH levels?

    I have mine balanced as well: FC varies from 5.0-8.0 CC 0 PH 7.8 TA 90 CH 290 CYA 80 And my PH drifts up close to 8. I add a cup of acid every 3 days or so. I am assuming my SWG is the culprit. EDIT: My plaster is 7 years old and fully cured.
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    Pool store

    BJs Warehouse sells 13.5 pound bags of baking soda for $5.50.
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    PROBLEM SOLVED BY REPLIES TO POST!-New Pool Owner - Help on how to reduce water level

    Re: New Pool Owner - Help on how to reduce water level You could siphon it off. Get a end in the pool and the other end where you want the water to go (lower elevation of course). Suck on the far end for 30 seconds. Gravity will do the rest. Just don't forget to remove the hose...
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    Impossible Brown Stains

    Well, I thought I would close the loop here. I ended up doing an acid wash. And I did it myself (LOL). First at 50-50 concentration...the scaling (and I am pretty sure that is what it was) laughed at that. So I graduated to 100% acid with BIO-DEX Plaster White N Brite (I really recommend the...
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    How much full sun needed to keep pool comfortable.

    You will be battling leaves most of the season.
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    Impossible Brown Stains

    I've tested for iron, I get no reaction. Yes, it is still empty. Honestly I don't have time to do the work myself, I just need to know what needs to be done.
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    Impossible Brown Stains

    Hi, When I opened my pool this year, there were a lot of brown stains. None of this was there when I closed the pool late September. Thought it was algae, but it wouldn't come off. Finally I drained the pool and took some pictures (below). I have applied bleach to these areas, the stains...