I've always been a quiet guy. I kept to myself through my youth until I met Randy. That's when everything changed. In the terms of what life meant and what my focus would be for the rest of my life. That's what this story is all about. In the first chapter I recalled how I grew up, how I met Randy, and how sex began to be a big part of life. In the second chapter I continued Friday's adventure of wearing the butt plug and then trying Randy's cock. Twice. In this chapter I wake up recalling the adventure.

Gender cock but failed, wore it to class at school, let Randy put his cock in my Rear at school which made me cum, and later that evening at his house I rode his cock till we both came. All in one day. I thought I would wake the next morning exhausted and sore. But I woke early with a hard on. I even dreamt about it. My Rear stung and it felt funny when I sat down. It was quite a predicament around the house. I couldn't stand up without having a tent in my pants and I couldn't sit down without squirming around like... Well, like I had something up my butt. I did my Saturday chores and was eating lunch when Randy called.

Or straight people for the culvert near his house. You know... do stuff. I knew what he meant and I was looking forward to paying my debts. Then seeing what would happen next. I put on my swim shorts, commando style and a t-shirt and rode my bike over to his house. The ride reminded me of riding over last night with the 'Raging Hard-on' in my Rear. I could still feel it when I went over bumps in the road. When I first saw Randy I laughed. We both had trouser tents. I felt the urge to stick my hand down his pants right there and then. Randy knew what I was thinking and we raced to the ravine.
Hartford, USA
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