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    Heat pump winter cover - Yay or Nay

    oh, i read as " I made large round holes in 3 sides " that's not 3 sides open.
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    Do mesh safety covers stop evaporation?

    Looking forward to the results of your test.
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    Upgrade skimmer without replacing liner

    What do you hope to gain by going with a wide mouth ? Being here in Ontario i would think you use a solar blanket most all the time so skimming is reduced and the use of some sort of cleaner running around in the pool is what does the cleaning anyway ? If you had a wide mouth and wanted to go...
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    Heat pump winter cover - Yay or Nay

    Do you cover it when it rains during the summer ? Those covers are made for future service calls.
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    Where does all the water/snow go over the winter?

    Once closed and all plugs are in place and cover on, mark your water level in the skimmer. With no rain / snow see if the level drops. With rain snow see if the level comes up. You will need to check every 24 / 48 hours.
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    How “dry” should lines be after blowing out for closing?

    Big question is, how do you know how much water is left in there ? Ask yourself if you spend 5 hours again this year. how long will it take to cut and remove cement and or just dig ground Once you find when the frozen pipe broke.
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    Safety cover durability

    Same here.
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    My Tenant's Pool has a Leak

    wow, that's Toronto area for ya. I'll have to make sure my guys don't see this, lol. Just used them last week and will be using them again tomorrow.
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    Sump well/ dry pit - when to drain?

    For sure useful. I go 1 foot lower then the lowest depth of the pool. Even without piping or a crushed stone path to the sump, water will in time make its own "underground river" to it and will more useful then nothing. Keep a pump with a float switch in there full time so it will kick in and...
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    Sump well/ dry pit - when to drain?

    Water will sink to the lowest it can especially in gravel. 3.5 feet is lower the 3 feet. 8 feet is much lower then a 3 foot deep sump. So it just makes sense that the gravel will need to be filled before any water will show in your 3 foot sump. Water of course will also sink into clay if you...
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    Sump well/ dry pit - when to drain?

    Not sure if there is a nice way to say this but, you sump is useless. It would not even be good enough if all of your pool was 3.5' deep, sorry. Not knowing your backfill material etc i would say you have soft corners in the deep end and from bottom to sides ? Anyway, to answer your question...
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    My Tenant's Pool has a Leak

    Here in the Windsor area it is $220 for a diver and a guy using the electronic sniffer. That is a flat rate and they will patch holes in the liner for that price. Before getting someone to do this you should first plug your returns and skimmer to pump lines. If the water still drops get...
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    Pump basket doesn't fill completely .. at my wits end.. grrrrrrrrrrr....

    Should be easy to prove but can be harder to fix. Do a pressure test with air. Any pool repair guy can do this or make up the necessary fittings yourself. You may need to use it over time if you keep the pool / house.
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    Quotes for a new liner in central New Jersey

    10 years is not very old for a liner. For a few 100 bucks you should be able to find a diver with an electronica buzz box and find / fix your liner. Better then a few thousand bucks.