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    Man...... Really. don't do this............

    Easy fix. Go to boat shop and get a fiberglass repair pack. I "think" it is called West System, someone here will know fer sure. It is 2 little packs the size of those vinegar pack in fast food places. Mix the two together and pour in.. Take the head off so you can tip it in the correct...
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    Transporting Test Kit via Plane

    Never ship cross border with UPS, FED X is not as bad. Best is USPS.
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    Can a cracked filter be fixed?

    Not enough info on the "crack" for me to answer.
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    In-ground vinyl liner question

    If it holds water and you are ok with the looks, keep it as is. Water getting behind the liner will not do any damage that won'y be a easy fix when the liner replacement time comes.
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    Torn liner in new pool

    Sounds like they cut out the light to soon and / or never pulled a tight vacuum on the liner to have it tight against the floor and sides. Then when the weight of the water pushed the liner into the corners etc it pulled down from the slack that was still above the water. Never add water until...
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    Pool is filled again ?

    Hummmm, not sure if a possible space under the ice and above the water level would be a good idea. It will depend on the design of the pool and where that sheet of ice wants to hang on.
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    Swollen massive PVC pipe out from pump, into sand filter

    If he has a heater isn't it after the pump and filter ? Because of the angle that piece of pipe looks to be a piece of flex but OP is calling it PVC, wow...
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    Leaking skimmer - main drain?

    The small holes are molded into the skimmer bottom and are for the adjustable flap and stop for the main drain hole. Unless they are broken off on the outside bottom of the skimmer they will not leak. You have a stubborn hole there for the main drain and happens at times. You might try a...
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    Emptying Vinyl Pool

    Sorry guys but having measured many pools for liners that fit like a glove i'll stick with my reply's. Just one example. IF you can see the bottom, what are you going to do, lay a tape on the bottom and read it, I think not. You would use your jigs ( sticks and or pipes ) that you would hold...
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    Emptying Vinyl Pool

    Ask them IF the water was clear, how would they read a tape measure or whatever they are going to use . Then ask why they can not do that with green dirty water. All measurements are made ABOVE the water so i can not see what there issue is. A few long sticks or pipes that they should already...
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    Emptying Vinyl Pool

    No need to have clear water to measure for a liner, i would find a new installer.
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    No Dig Pipe repair, Does it work?

    There is the right answer. If you use a "patch" fix it will be done from inside the pipe while the line is set up to act as if it was a pressure return line. Will work great, BUT when the line is returned to a suction line it will pull the junk out. Dig and replace as said above is the only...
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    Question about winterizing skimmer and return lines

    The OP has no up front to hear anything. He would need to hear a leak about 20" down into the bottom of the skimmer. He would only be able to air lock with a blow through. Then if it were me i would cover up past the stem with antifreeze and check for bubbles. After seeing slow leaks in truck...
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    Question about winterizing skimmer and return lines

    OP, what "IF" that air leaks out after you do an air lock ? You have the perfect set up to add the foam rope. The air lock guys do as they do because they can not get rope into the piping at frost level . Keep it simple.