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    Question about running a pump without water

    If you had no water under the pump after that 18 hr run your ok. Put it to bed for the winter and worry about something else, lol.....
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    Newbie closing clarifying quesitons

    Push a few feet of foam rope down the main drain line before you put that plug in.
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    Closing questions

    That you can do but not with a liner pool.
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    Mesh Cover & Deck Anchors

    Now you tell me this, i can picture this working, THANKS.
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    Pool cover experiences

    Me to, i am going on 24 years now with the same cover.
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    PVC fittings from return lines sticking out of the surface - bad idea?

    First that is going to be hard on the cover. Second i would be afraid that once froze in and if some how the pool water moved it would bust that off at the return fitting of just crack it. Installing the plugs isn't hard and as Catanzaro mentioned above is an option.
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    Bungee Plug

    that is correct.
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    Bungee Plug

    The duck plugs i have laid hands on and i have to say i would not use them to keep water out of a football i was throwing out, lol.. I mentioned my thoughts out-loud to the clerk and he commented that there guys will not use them neither but had them for sale by request. These bungee ones i am...
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    Bungee Plug

    This is the first time i have seen those. I would guess that you will need someone or someones to hold the upstream ones closed after they start to blow air for a bit in order to force the air farther down line till you get to the last return. IF they hold tight and don't leak it should be an...
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    First time closing - skimmer holes!

    Do as Texas says to see if maybe it is plugged on the outside as that is possible. In any case that water must come out or be foamed. First see how deep you can go in there. Then see if you can suck it dry with a wet vac. If not and even if you can, get at few feet of foam rope down there...
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    Pool Noodles In Skimmer?

    Frost will and does lift houses. It will bust apart a steel drum. IF it has someplace to go (expand) it will take the easy way out. With water in the skimmer and in the throat and in the pool all connected together then lots of foam in the skimmer and throat will be needed. Fiberglass /...
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    Fill the pool before closing or let it be?

    Water will get behind the liner and float it, very common when the water is lowered to much.
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    I need help restoring filled in pool

    If i were doing this i would install the body part of a hydro static valve and cement it is place. I would remove the valve from the body and screw in a 4 or 5' length of pipe, longer if the water table is closer to the surface. Then you can take your time and do a good job, rush / hurry don't...
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    Air Lock on Main Drain

    Right on, just ask my fingers lol. What is funny is when you get all the way in and you take your fingers away to get the plug and the foam goes back over your head.
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    Air bubbles after capping return?

    I have wrapped the pipe tape around them a few turns or so and helps a lot.