VSP & Filter Advice For AGP with CircuPool SJ/RJ-20 SWG

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Hello TFP members! Fun Joke to start this thread. What does a Mermaid say when she gets stuck in seaweed? Kelp! Kelp! (Courtesy of my 8 year old daughter).

I've spent the last few days reading just about non-stop on here and I am moments away from pulling the trigger on an AG Saltwater Aurora pool from The Pool Factory (TPF). I have a couple questions regarding the pump and despite multiple and many hours of research i'm still not finding a good answer since I'm confused between old/new tech, tech requiring automation vs not and AG or...

Still confused on how to open the pool up

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First off I'd like to say I'm very much enjoying the site and the information.

I've posted on here in the past but the consensus seems to buy a test kit but I don't know if my equipment works/leaks etc.

Also we have had record braking amount of rain here in May and the pool water is rising. I don't know how to drain it. Is the only way with a pump?

A pool company recommended they pump out the water and clean it with acid. That way they can see how the walls look and then I'd fill it up.

I do not know what material my pool is made...

Pool plumbing- 90 degrees angles

Nicky ATX
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We are in construction of a new fiberglass pool (size: 33' * 15', about 11,400 G) and just had plumbers this week connecting the equipment. I know 90 degrees angles are not recommended but because of the location of pool / equipment, we have at least 5-6 of those between the two. Can anyone take a look at the pictures attached and tell me if pipes arrangement make sense? If there's any tips to make it more efficient?

View attachment 141348View attachment 141350View attachment 141351[ATTACH...

Help me slam my green pool

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Hi - we have been in this house a couple of years and have had terrible and expensive pools services. I had a new guy open the pool. He’s been twice this year and it looks awful. He has been TWICE.

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I tested with the tf100 kit.


Build Type: Plaster
Volume: 35000 gallons
Latest Test Result Summary:

Copper staining -- need advice on removal

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Hi all,

I made the big mistake of adding some Clorox Xtra Blue granular shock to my pool which I believe has contributed to raised copper level in my pool and staining all over my vinyl liner. Lesson learned!

Here are my test results, using TF-100
FC 17
TC .5
PH 7.4
TA 80
CH 40
CYA 117

Because I do not have a metal test at home, I look a sample to Leslie's and this is what they found:
Iron 0.1 ppm
Copper 0.3 ppm

24 hours ago I took a sample to Leslie's and the copper was actually at 0.4 ppm. I added 33.9 oz of Metal Free to the pool...