Leaks in hot tub - at pump and cartridge filter

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My hot tub was going from 3600 ppm to 3000 ppm salt every two days, so I knew I had a leak. I have identified two problem areas so far: (1) the top of one of the two pumps for the jets; and (2) the bottom of my Hayward C500 cartridge filter. Photos attached.

The pump spills out significant water when it runs - I believe I need to replace the fitting that screws into the top of the pump (Hayward Superpump). I am not sure how much water leaks from the filter though - seems minimal. As best I can tell it is leaking from the plug at the...

Newbie with yellow/black mold, stratospheric CYA.

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Hey y'all, glad to join the party! We've just bought our first house with a pool and are trying to get our bearings.

FC: 3ppm
CC: 0.5ppm
pH: 7.7
TA: 135ppm
CH: 300ppm
CYA: 200ppm after proper testing ... 210ppm? See pic, below

Water looks crystal clear to slightly cloudy, depending on the day. No color to it unless I've brushed off some mustard.

I've just backflushed and hand-washed the DE filter, and added a little chlorine over the past week (less than expected, presumably because of the CYA?)...