Pool Care Basics

Chlorine / CYA Chart

Perhaps a cornerstone element of TFPC is understanding the relationship between the chlorine in your pool and the stabilizer you put in to protect the chlorine from the sun. Generally, the more stabilizer, the more chlorine you need to maintain its effectiveness. The charts below show the recommended relationship for outdoor residential pools. Non-SWCG Pools CYA (Stabilizer) Minimum FC Target FC SLAM FC 20* 2 3-5 10 30 2 4-6 12 40 3 5-7 16 50 4 6-8 20 60 5 7-9 24 70* 5 8-10 28 80* 6 9-11 31 90* 7 10-12 35 …
Pool Care Basics

Pool Circulation Systems

The circulation system of a pool plays a major role in cleaning, sanitizing and heating the water. Above ground or inground, temporary or permanent, simple or fancy, all pools have a circulation system and they are all remarkably similar. Water is pulled from the pool via one or more skimmers and sometimes one or more main drains by an electric pump. The pump provides pressure to push the water through a filter, and other water treatment or heating devices, then back into the pool via one or more returns.

SLAM – Shock Level and Maintain

SLAMing your pool is the best way to eliminate algae, sanitize your pool and get your water crystal clear. If you have algae, or the CC level is above 0.5, or the free chlorine (FC) level is zero, you should SLAM the pool. You cannot do this overnight…it often takes several days to see it completed…no shortcuts. If you are maintaining proper FC levels there is no need to SLAM (or shock) weekly, or on any other regular schedule.