Pool Care Basics

Pool Circulation Systems

The circulation system of a pool plays a major role in cleaning, sanitizing and heating the water. Above ground or inground, temporary or permanent, simple or fancy, all pools have a circulation system and they are all remarkably similar. Water is pulled from the pool via one or more skimmers and sometimes one or more main drains by an electric pump. The pump provides pressure to push the water through a filter, and other water treatment or heating devices, then back into the pool via one or more returns.

Defeating pool algae Before it Starts

Fighting off pool algae can often be difficult once it starts to develop  in your pool. One of the best ways to manage the overall health of your pool is by working to prevent algae from forming in the first place. Simply maintain sufficient  chlorine levels (or FC) in your pool at all times to make sure that algae will not form. Chemicals like algaecides or pool shock can grow expensive over time and are unnecessary. Once your pool starts to form a green film inside of it, clearing a green pool can be time …