ZERO filter pressure, weak return flow, pump won't prime


Aug 14, 2019

If you get so many pine needles that you have to clean out the impeller once a week, you need to rent a chain saw... :mrgreen:

I love hair nets, but with the amount of "stuff" you seem to have falling out of the sky, you will have to replace them once a day...

I don't have that problem, but I have an extra set of skimmer baskets.. I keep the spare set with hair nets already installed. When it is time to clean the skimmers, I just remove the dirty basket and replace it with the spare basket. Takes a couple of seconds per skimmer. Then I throw away the dirty hair nets and install clean ones. They become the spare baskets sitting on the shelf.. waiting their turn in the pool...


Jim R.
Your're right about the chainsaw! I'm getting quotes on getting a few trees taken down.

I'm also considering a thermal cover to prevent debris from falling in when not in use and obviously the benefits of a warmer pool.