would you let it go, and just not use them anymore?


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May 2, 2014
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So i have dealt with a company, by purchasing over different months some small, and lately some more expensive items. the latest a pool solar blanket, and a solar blanket reel with wheels, aluminum tubing and stand. before that a new DE filter because mine went bad, nice hunk of $, along with other items in the past.

I love the reel. The problem is the solar blanket. The 1st shipped with what looked like melted tear drop shaped places on it where you could see the clear bubble layer with no blue cover in that spot. That's not what I paid for. I had to send pictures, with email, to send back. Took some doing they wanted more than a couple of pics after the 1st 2 pics. So I had about 12 pics, of all the places, and their server would not accept them, so I had to send them 1 at a time. The sent a new cover from the same company. This company is just a Pool drop shipper.

Got the 2nd cover, and my wife and I noticed it had 3 of the same deformations on it, but with a proper position on the pool they would be cut off. We did that, and said nothing.

Our pool is rectangle with swim out, so the blanket is a rectangle, with the swim out portion cut off the blanket, doesn't get squeezed up on reel, and we just lay the swim out part down after we unroll the blanket. Today, reeled up the blanket to go swimming, had laid swim out portion on the side, and then noticed that a good 1/3 of the bubbles on the swim out part were bad, they had very small holes in them and had water in them. You guessed it, the whole blanket is like this.

I have had the blanket for about 1 month and 2 weeks. No way did I do this.

So, do I just bite the bullet, say nothing, rid myself of ever doing anything with this company again, or start something up again and go at it? The blanket is still floating, but I think its fair to say it will not last long.


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Jan 17, 2012
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Have you shopped around in person and inspected these things to compare quality? I would do that.

And then I guess calling the seller and asking what gives would be my next step.

I wouldn't buy from them again if you're not happy with how they handle this problem.

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Aug 10, 2012
I would definitely contact them and let them know what is going on. Sounds like they need to find a better cover supplier or raise the issue to another level with the supplier.