Winterize pump?


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Jul 9, 2009
I have 4 pentair pumps. They each have unions on input and outputs. I disconnected the pump unions, blew out the lines in both directions. Then blew into the top of the pump and out the front. Then removed the two plugs and held my hand over the front while blowing into the top and got all the water out of the drain ports.

My question is... I remember reading somewhere that it was recommended to turn on the pump for a few seconds to get any other trapped water out? But I can't find where I read that and don't know if it is necessary, or good for the pump. Is this necessary? Is there still trapped water in there?

I also read that you should lube the drain port threads to prevent rust... seems like all the pentair pump drain ports are plastic... in any case, what is best to use on any metalic drain ports (my heater)... and to lube union o rings? 3-1 oil? Or something else?



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Jun 12, 2009
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You can turn on the pump for a minute without risk of damaging the pump. I don't think it will get any extra water out though.
Yeah, if it's plastic it can't rust. Regardless you can put Hayward jack's lube (or equivalent) on the drain plugs or anything that is rubber.