Winter hot tub care. Need advice


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Sep 22, 2013
Montreal, Canada

This will be my first winter with a hot tub and I wanted to know how do you deal with ice built upon your cover, as show below. I want to scrap it off but I'm worried I will damage the cover leather. It's pretty stuck there and I can't just slide it off. Any tips on the best way to approach this?



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Jun 7, 2011
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Re: Winter hot rub care. Need advice

I would use a push broom to keep the bulk of it off the cover and that should help.

Additionally, you could rig a tarp over it, and peel it off once in a while and put it back.


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Jul 3, 2014
Peoria, IL
Re: Winter hot rub care. Need advice

Push broom, snow broom or something not sharp. The biggest issue that I have had with my hot tubs thruout the years has been covers failing. And usually because they start to take on moisture and it is all downhill from there. So I say keep all sharp objects away from the cover. A little snow in there is fine.
Leaf blower??

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Apr 27, 2012
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Re: Winter hot rub care. Need advice

There a smaller push-style utility broom, eg the kind you'd use to scrub a deck, that's strong enough to clear the 1.5 feet on my cover this a.m. ;) Got it at Lowes.

Don't worry about the will melt enough when you open the lid for a soak and slide off.

In the winter if I'm hot tubbing alone, I just open one side...easier ;)


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Oct 6, 2013
It's best to broom the snow off before it freezes if u can. I have taken a tool of somekind and gently cracked the ice but only when u catch it a little soft, maybe on an afternoon then it will slide off. Not rec when it is solid and firmly stuck to the cover

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