Will a little bit of well water cause metal problems?


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We're experience a pretty good drought here in the south east, so my pool is down about and two inches. I've never really had to add water before, rain pretty much keeps it full. The problem is that my outdoor hose bibbs are all on well water. By my calculations I need to add about 700 gallons into my 19,000 gallon pool. I've never had any issues with metal stains over the past 7 years other than a cracked tile just below the waterline that turns rusty every couple of months after I clean it. And I've never had the water tested for metals. So my question is #1 should I have the water tested for metals? #2 should I add the 2" with well water and add a sequestrant? Or say screw it attach a hose to the kitchen sink for the better part of a day and bypass the well?

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All good questions. Honestly, without very detailed numbers of existing metal content in the pool, then content of the well water, it's all guesswork. If the majority of your 19K pool is fresh water and you're only adding a few hundred gallons, it should be okay. But if you have the ability to bypass a well, I would do it. Anything to avoid potential iron filtering and sequestrants is a good thing.

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I would have your pool and well water tested for metals. That way you'll know where you are and can make an informed decision. I'd say you'd probably be ok to add a couple of inches, but you never know if that would put you right over the edge of staining.


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I paid for a a commercial test of my well water. No significant metals present. The commercial lab can test for lower levels than what is offered in DIY or pool store testing. I only use well water.

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