Wilbar Hybrid Pool vs Doughboy Hybrid Pool


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Apr 8, 2017
Orlando, FL
Good evening,

I'm looking to purchase either a 21' or 24' AGP pool. I've narrowed down my choices to a local dealer with a Doughboy Hybrid pool with an aluminum service panel (Sea Shore) or an on-line dealer with a Wilbar Hybrid pool with a stainless steel service panel (Saltwater 5000). Both pools have a 7" all resin top cap/seat. Is one better than the other and is their any concern with the aluminum service panel? Any feedback from current Wilbar or Doughboy pool owners?

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Jun 21, 2011
Tecumseh, OK
Our pool is a wilbar made pool from what I could research. It has the stainless steel panel where the skimmer and returns are located, resin bottom rails and top rails. It is at least 4-5yrs old as we got it from a family members rental house where the previous tenants had it installed at least 3yrs and we've had it one.

It is holding up like a champ, even being relocated. I like that the stainless is better at resisting rust. I'm not sure how an aluminum panel would be but I would think it would hold up just as well but be a little softer being aluminum.
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