Why is the PH important when using Ascorbic acid?


Jun 12, 2007
I am about to embark on the process of stain removal using ascorbic acid but I would like to first understand what part of the process necessitates keeping the PH low? Is the acid not effective unless the PH is low? Is it to allow the sequestering agents to work (the Metal Free I am planning on using says it isn't affected by PH), or is it something else entirely?




The reduction of the metal stains is more effective at low pH. Sometimes just dropping the pH will begin the process. Also, I have found that HEDP based sequesterants such as Proteam Metal Magic and Jack's Magic products are more effective at keeping the stains away then the EDTA based MetalFree.


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Just wanted to add my two cents about stain removal. If you follow Mbar's instructions for removing metal stains - especially if your pool is fiberglass, you should have a beautiful result. I did the stain treatment two weeks ago and my FG pool looks better than it did when it was delivered last September.